Notice of Bulk Sale: Ellie's Espresso and Bakery

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Mount Shasta Herald


To Creditors of Denis Hagarty, (herein, “Seller”), who does business as “Ellie’s Expresso and Bakery” aka “Ellie’s Espresso and Bakery” and “Ellie’s Bakery and Espresso” all at 79 S. Weed Blvd., #1, Weed, Siskiyou County, California (herein, the “Business”), and has done business under no other names and at no other names and no other addresses during the past three (3) years:

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT Seller is about to make a Bulk Sale of the entirety of the assets of the Business, at the above address, to WEST RKRJA, LLC, at 79 S. Weed Blvd., #1, Weed, CA 96094.

The Bulk Sale will take place on or after July 13, 2018, at the offices of Kirsher, Winston & Boston, Law Corp., at 205 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. #400, (P.O. Box 177) Mt. Shasta, CA, 96067.

The sale is subject to Commercial Code section 6106.2. Creditors’ claims may be filed with Robert Winston as Escrow Holder for the parties until 5:00 p.m. on July 13, 2018. Claims shall be deemed timely filed only if actually received by said Escrow Holder, at the above address, by the stated deadline. Claimants bear the risk of late filing for claims which are not personally delivered to said Escrow Holder before the deadline to do so.

Dated: 6-19-18

/s/ Robert D. Winston,

Escrow Holder,

Agent for Buyer

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