Request for Qualifications: Due date September 28, 2018

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Due Date:

September 28, 2018

City of Mt Shasta City Hall

City Manager’s Office

305 N. Mt Shasta Blvd

Mt. Shasta, California 96067


The City of Mt. Shasta (City) is seeking qualified energy services companies (ESCOs) to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for implementing and executing a self-financed, design/build photovoltaic renewable energy generation project for the City of Mt. Shasta.

The ESCO services contract is expected to be awarded within 30 days following the close of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) submittal deadline. The City intends to select a single ESCO Team for all aspects of the work. Any ESCO responding to the RFQ must be willing to commit the necessary resources to the project within a mutually agreed upon schedule.


• RFQ Due: 4:00PM September 28, 2018

City of Mt. Shasta

City Manager’s Office 305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 Attn: Bruce Pope

• Mandatory Pre-Conference Meeting: 2:00 PM Friday August 28, 2018

City Manager’s Office

305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

• City Council Approval Date: October 22, 2018


The City is interested in implementing a comprehensive range of energy services and energy related capital improvements to reduce the City’s energy usage and operating expenses. The primary focus of the successful ESCO will be the execution of an agreement with the City to develop and operate a self- financed, design, build photovoltaic system to provide electrical energy to the following City facilities:

 1. Waste Water Treatment Plant

 2. City Hall

 3. City Library

 4. City Police and Fire Stations.

The project shall also include analysis of incorporating a photovoltaic solar farm, City Owned Orchard Property, and photovoltaic parking lot coverage structures on two City parking lots, Lake Street and Parker Plaza, as part of the overall photovoltaic Energy generating system.


The services the selected ESCO shall provide to the City includes, but are not limited to:

• Preparation of Preliminary Assessment (PA) for selected potential energy conservation measures (ECMs). The assessment will identify and individually list Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) identified throughout the City. The PA shall also outline the estimated energy savings, cost to implement, recommended funding source and payback method for each ECM.

• Performance of Investment Grade Audits (IGAs) for any mutually selected ECM projects with Guaranteed Lump Sum Fixed Price to present to City Council for approval. (date to be determined)

• The selected ESCO shall complete all planning and engineering designs for each of the ECM’s selected by the City. The ECM project planning and design shall be performed by or supervised by a professional engineer registered in the State of California. The selected ESCO will coordinate with the City to secure approvals from required local, state, and federal agencies and will comply with all applicable codes and statutes including obtaining all permits and licenses prior to construction.

• The selected ESCO shall provide “turn-key”, self-financed, project design, build and operation of the selected energy efficiency systems. This will include procurement, installation, quality control (QC) testing, site management during construction, and all coordination with ancillary subcontractors involved with the project. The type and manufacturer of the approved ECM equipment purchased for the project and any subcontractors will be selected and stated by the ESCO in the PA phase of the project, but shall be approved by the City prior to project construction.

• Implementation of measurement and verification (M&V) protocols. The selected ESCO will be required to verify operation of the installed equipment or systems, provide QC testing to perform quality control of the installation and provided equipment, compare current usage to the original usage per ECM. The City must witness M&V activities, review calculations, analyze QC testing data, and other elements of the baseline to confirm that the M&V plan is followed and achieved. The ESCO shall provide M&V of project energy savings for no less than 12 months after commissioning of the project in a written report format that shall be presented to the City Council. All costs for these services are to be included in the original project cost.

• The selected ESCO will provide a commissioning of all systems to assure proper installation and performance.

• The ESCO shall identify its proposed Operation and Maintenance plan for the project. Please detail your local service capabilities and response time to the City of Mt. Shasta.

• The selected ESCO shall provide City Staff with training regarding service capabilities, operations and maintenance of the project.

• The ESCO shall provide extended warranties for the project after commissioning for all installed ECM systems. Please provide details on any extended warranties or services your company might offer.

The Scope of Services includes, but is not limited to, site analysis, environmental project review, technical assessments, all engineering and design, build services, financial assessments and cash flow analysis necessary for investment grade financing. The selected ESCO’s shall provide written revenue guarantees for the proposed project. All ESCO’s shall pay prevailing wage, be registered with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), and provide certified payroll reports to DIR and City of Mt. Shasta. All ESCO’s shall possess a “C-46 Solar” license at the time this contract is bid or a combination of classes required for the timely delivery of his/her proposal.

All deliverables will be submitted to the City in Adobe PDF electronic format. All work produced by ESCO and paid for by the City, for this project will become property of the City of Mt. Shasta and it is expected that information pertinent to this project will be shared freely with the public, outside agencies, and all City employees involved in the project.

A mandatory pre RFQ conference will be held for interested ESCO’s at the City of Mt. Shasta office 305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067, at 2:00 p.m., on August 28, 2018 to discuss the requirements and conditions of the ECM project.


City Shall:

A. Provide ESCO with utility billings for electricity and gas, as requested.

B. Provide ESCO complete access to facilities for the purpose of performing energy efficiency

analysis, measuring energy use, taking equipment inventory, determining operating schedules, identifying known operational deficiencies.

C. Provide ESCO access to key personnel to discuss operating requirements.

D. Provide ESCO equipment lists and copies, facility plans, for the purpose of facilitating understanding of the characteristics and the current operation.

E. Meet with ESCO to establish project criteria and make project decisions necessary for ESCO to complete in a timely manner.

G. Should the City move forward with an Energy Services Construction Agreement, under California Contract Code 4217; City will complete legal review of ESCO's said Agreement thirty (30) days prior to project completion of Investment Grade Audit.

ESCO Shall:

A. Prepare all application, including preparation of a self-financed, design, build plan of the proposed project for submission to the State of California, prepare the General Information Package, Technical Package, Environmental Package and Financial Solutions Package for the City to review and approve.

B. Conduct a project programming meeting, facility walk-through(s) and personnel interview(s) to gain an understanding of facility operations, concerns, needs, and desired performance criteria.

C. Work with City to refine performance requirements, financial criteria, and project scope of work.

D. Provide City a final list of equipment, subcontractors, software, construction and post construction support costs.

E. Provide the City a final energy and operational cost savings analysis demonstrating the Return on Investment (ROI) for the city” investment.

F. Provide City a Net Present Value lifecycle financial analysis cash flow.

G. Provide the City a program for the self-financing of a design, build, construct and operation of a photovoltaic energy project.

G. Provide City with a next step construction agreement called an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) including a section detailing a post construction Performance Assurance Support Services (PASS) plan for the facilities. PASS services will detail training, measurement and verification as well as Preventive Maintenance to be performed by ESCO of energy savings and a guarantee of energy savings.

H. Provide City a final construction completion schedule.


Prior to commencement of services, the ESCO must provide evidence of the following insurance coverages:

1. Worker’s Compensation, $1,000,000

2. Commercial General Liability (naming the City of Mt. Shasta as additional insured),$1,000,000

3. Comprehensive Business or Commercial Automobile Liability for Owned Automobiles and Non- owned/Hired Automobiles, $1,000,000

4. Errors and Omissions insurance; and Professional Liability or Malpractice Insurance. $1,000,000 The Contractor will be required to maintain the required coverages, at its sole cost and expense, throughout the entire term and any subsequent renewal terms of the contract.

Project Timeline:

The City proposed start date for this project is anticipated to be November 1, 2018 and a completion date of June 30, 2019. The Consultants response to the RFQ must describe how your firm will respond to this timeline.


Proposals shall contain an executive summary and shall clearly articulate how services identified in the scope of services will be provided, qualifications, experience, references and all of the information requested herein. Proposals shall not exceed 40 pages including any graphics and or attachments and shall be submitted in an original electronic version on a labeled CD or USB drive (Adobe PDF Format) and no hard copies are required.

The proposal shall address the following section in order; refer to the scope of services for project specific information:

1. Cover Page

Company Overview Provide description of your company, leadership, ownership, etc. What is your company’s office address that will serve the City of Mt. Shasta for the duration of the project? No home office addresses shall be accepted. How many employees working directly on energy conservation projects work at this location?

2. Management Plan – Describe your company’s proposed management approach to this project from preliminary assessment, design, construction, to commissioning of the final project. Include information on project management and scheduling. Describe your company's capabilities in providing the services required in the Scope of Services.

3. Services and Technologies – Describe the services that will be provided by your company. Describe some of the technologies the City might expect would be implemented under the proposed project, as well as what the ESCO will self-perform. Please provide California State Contractors License Number and Classifications. Please describe in detail what work will be self- performed in-house and what work your company will subcontract out.

4. Energy Solutions Team – Provide information describing the capabilities and experience of the company personnel who will be involved in this project. Describe the role which each of these people would play in the project assessment, management, design, implementation and construction of this project. Provide professional resumes for key people (no more than one page per person). Indicate the education and professional licensing of each person as it relates to this project (e.g., professional engineer, certified energy manager, etc.). Designate an individual as overall project manager.

5. Verification of Energy Savings – Describe the methodologies that may be used to verify the City’s realized energy savings. Include an explanation of how savings calculations will be adjusted to reflect changes in weather, current and future treatment plant flows, equipment life cycle costs, solar panel efficiencies, etc.

6. Experience and References – Present information that describes your company’s experience with self-financed energy design/build delivery method and performance contracting method of providing the services described in this RFQ qualifications. Also indicate the experience of the key personnel you plan to use on the project. Provide a list of at least five (5) completed California ECM projects implemented by your company over the past 10 years. Project references in close proximity to the City of Mt. Shasta will be scored higher than projects that are not. Please use the list below to describe each project and limit your responses to no more than one page per project:

 a.) Project title and location

 b.) Type of Contract

 c.) Nature of your firm’s responsibility

 d.) Contract amount

 e.) Name, address, and telephone number of contact person

 f.) Start date and end date, if complete

 g.) Current status

 h.) Energy conservation opportunities implemented

 i.) Original project cost and final project cost, if completed.

7. California Capabilities – Provide a copy of your company's California contracting license. Indicate how long your company has held this license. Provide a list of professional engineering licenses held in the State of California by full time employees of your company. Provide a list of Certified Energy Managers and answer the following questions:

8. Company Financials – Provide a Summary of last 3 years ESCO’s audited financials

9. Litigation ESCO to provide litigation history for last 10 years.

10. Additional information ESCO deems relevant that may provide added value to the City of Mt. Shasta. Has your company secured additional funding for energy conservation projects, if so what types of funding?


A Review/Selection Committee made up of City staff will evaluate the submittals based on the proposals (see evaluation points table below) and, if necessary, an oral interview will be held to determine which ESCO is best qualified to perform the work for this project. The Committee will then determine a ranking and selection of the ESCO firm. The City shall provide a written Notice to Proceed to the selected ESCO.

The following items, as they relate to the Scope of Services Tasks described above, will be used by the committee to assist in the ranking of the ESCO’s proposal and the oral interview:

1. Project Management

 a. Experience and Qualifications of the project manager.

 b. Clear assignment of responsibility for various project tasks to specific individuals. All individuals with major responsibility for the project's technical design, management, and negotiations will be requested to attend an oral interview, if applicable.

 c. Quality of communication skills of the ESCO representatives.

 d. Ability to coordinate project construction with the State of California, local utilities, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and City personnel.

 e. Quality of provisions for training City staff.

 f. Prior experience working with Energy Services Projects.

2. Technical Approach

 a. Understanding of the proposed project.

 b. Experience and qualifications of the technical design professionals.

 c. The number of past Energy Services Projects that include similar technical measures proposed for inclusion in the City's ECM project and completed by ESCO personnel responsible for the project technical design.

 d. Documented energy savings of previous Energy Services Projects & ECM projects managed by the ESCO.

 e. Comprehensiveness of the technical approach to the proposed project, based on improvements likely to be included and the conceptual design creativity demonstrated in the RFQ and oral interview.

3. Financial Approach

 a. Financial soundness and stability of the ESCO.

 b. Demonstrated ability to provide or arrange project competitive financing solutions.

 c. Financing arrangements and bonding for this project as required.

 d. Revenue guarantee

 e. Quality and clarity of the financial savings calculation mythology.

 f. Completeness of most recent ESCO annual financial report.

4. References

 a. Provide a list of projects similar in scope and size that your firm has been involved in the past five (5) YEARS.

 b. Ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

 c. Experience with similar types of projects.

5. Company and subcontractor Litigation: past ten (10) YEARS. Has your firm been a party to suits, claims, or similar actions related to:

 a. Construction claims relating to performance or delay

 b. OSHA labor relations, or similar issues affecting the progress of the work

 c. California State Contractor License suspensions or code violations If “yes” to any of the above, provide a summary and current status of the issue under separate attachment to the response to this RFQ.

 d. Nonpayment of subcontractors

6. Describe your firm’s Safety program, include proof of your firm’s safety Experience Modification Rating (EMR) or equivalent as well as your sub-contractors if needed

7. Describe any unique capabilities of the Provider that would be useful to the specific to the specific needs of the project.

8. Describe how your firm will handle future maintenance and repair of the project(s). a. How many service vehicles and maintenance team members are employed? b. What is your response time?

9. Describe how you handle the Energy Management of the program?

 a. Do you have an Energy Manager on staff?

 b. How many customers do you support (under contract) currently?

RFQ Selection Criteria and Evaluation Weight

Proposal Completeness/Project Management: 17%

Technical Approach: 7%

Financial Approach: 15%

Reference: 5%

Company Litigation Last 10 Years: 12%

Company Safety: 5%

Unique Capabilities: 12%

Future Maintenance and repair: 15%

Energy Management: 12%


The ESCO shall prepare an estimated fee for all work necessary to complete the Investment Grade Audit as described in the Scope of Work. Fees shall include all markups, overhead, and profit.

Proposals may only be submitted electronically via email, or delivered in person to the City of Mt. Shasta City Manager’s Office by July 14, 2018

City of Mt Shasta

Deputy City Clerk’s office

305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd.

Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Attn: Kathryn Wilson


The City reserves the right to waive non-substantial irregularities in any proposal, to reject any or all responses received as a result of this solicitation, to request additional information for the purposes of clarification, to extend the submission due date for; to modify, amend, reissue or rewrite this document; and to procure any or all services by other means. The City may modify, clarify, or interpret the RFQ by sending an addendum to each firm that originally received or requested an RFQ. Any such addendum shall become part of the RFQ and of any contract awarded. The Proposer may make modifications to a proposal already submitted to the City, but must submit a written request to withdraw its proposal in order to make the modifications. It is the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that modified proposals are resubmitted in accordance with the RFQ submittal deadline.

The City will not be liable for any costs incurred by the consulting firms' incidental to the preparation of proposals or for developing and carrying out interview presentations, if needed.

A Proposer may withdraw its proposal by submitting an email or written request to withdraw prior to October 15, 2018 in which event the proposal will be returned to the proposer.

Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the contract between the City and the firm selected.

The above project subject to uniform construction cost accounting practices as set forth in the California Public Contracts Code, Section 22000 et seq. the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act.

Questions must be submitted to:


Questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to:

Bruce Pope

City of Mt. Shasta

305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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