State funding will help fix Siskiyou highways

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

SACRAMENTO – Highways and roads across Siskiyou County will get a facelift thanks to nearly half a billion dollars in funding from the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

According to a press release from Caltrans, more than 120 new “Fix-it-First” projects will be started this fiscal year to replace, repair and improve more than 6,700 lane miles of pavement, 250 culverts and 320 bridges across the state.

The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 was Senate Bill 1, which was signed into law last April by Governor Brown after it passed in both the State Senate and Assembly. It raises funds by increasing fuel and vehicle taxes and fees, including a 12 cents per gallon increase in the gas excise tax.

“Without the funds from SB 1, some of these projects would be postponed, costing taxpayers a lot more money down the road,” said Caltrans Director Laurie Berman in a press release. “It would be like putting Band-Aids on our roads and bridges instead of the long-term repair and repaving projects provided by SB 1.”

New SB 1 funded maintenance projects in and around Siskiyou County include:

• Pavement Project on Interstate 5: $6.3 million pavement preservation project will improve 54.9 lane miles of Interstate 5 from south of Grenada Overcrossing in the town of Grenada to Shasta River in the city of Yreka.

• Pavement Project Along U.S. Highway 97: $1.9 million pavement project will improve 16.4 lane miles of U.S. Highway 97 from Yellow Butte Road in the city of Montague to north of Deer Mountain Road in the city of Weed.

• Bridge Project on Interstate 5: $2.2 million bridge preservation project will revamp bridges on Interstate 5 at various locations from south of Willow Street/High School Road in the city of Dunsmuir to north of Julien Road in the city of Montague, and at the Klamath River Bridge on State Route 96 in the town of Seiad Valley.

• Drainage Project along State Route 3 in Trinity County: $320,000 drainage project will replace culverts along State Route 3 at various locations from south of Victoria Lane to south of Summit Creek Road in the town of Hayfork in Trinity County.

This article was corrected by removing the statement that the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 was passed by voters. It was not passed by voters, but voters will get to vote on it in the November 2018 election. Proposition 6 on the November ballot, if approved, would eliminate the fuel and vehicle taxes imposed by SB 1 and would require the state legislature to get a majority of voters to approve new or increased state fuel and vehicle taxes in the future.