Fictitious Business Name Statement: Music Is Healing

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Mount Shasta Herald

Filing No.: 2018-47-338

FILED: Siskiyou County

November 2, 2018

Colleen Setzer, Clerk

By: W. Winningham, Deputy Clerk

Filing Fee: $37.00 - For first business name on statement.

$2.00 - For each additional business name filed on same statement and doing business at the same location.

$2.00 - For each additional owner in excess of one owner.

Fictitious Business Name Statement

The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as:

Music Is Healing, 615 Spring Street, #2, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067; Siskiyou County

Registered Owner(s):

Pierre-Valery Njenji Tehetgen, 615 Spring Street, #2, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

This business is being conducted by: an Individual

The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on: August 8, 2018 (Cambridge, Fla.)

I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.

A registrant who declares as true any material matter pursuant to this section that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000).

/s/ Pierre Tehetgen

Print: Pierre Tehetgen

This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Siskiyou County on date indicated by filed stamp above.

NOTICE – In accordance with subdivision (a) of Section 1792O, a Fictitious Business Name Statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the county clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of Section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to Section 17913 other than a change in the registered owner. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed before the expiration.

The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state or common law. (See Section 14411 et seq. Business and Professions Code).

I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office.


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