Dunsmuir hopes to draw crowds for 'Second Saturday' events

Shareen Strauss
Under a awning on the street at Magic Mountain Wellness, Tyrus Wilson gets a henna tattoo from artist Allie Sibner while Tim Schrum plays the guitar in the background during Dunsmuir Second Saturday on May 11th. This town event is put on by the new local merchants in Dunsmuir and will continue through October.

Launching a new community event featuring the newer businesses in town, Dunsmuir Second Saturday (#D2S) was a big draw on May 11, bringing people to downtown Dunsmuir to shop and to participate and enjoy the activities, art, foods, culture and music in and around the main street of Dunsmuir Avenue.

Sitting under an awning, painting henna designs on people’s arms, legs and fingers, local artist and yoga instructor at Magic Mountain Wellness, Allie Sibner says, “This initiative was driven by the local merchants to have a monthly fair on the coat tails of Siskiyou Art Museum’s monthly exhibits. We are just starting and will add street vendors and bigger musical acts. We will do this each month through to October and we expect this to keep growing throughout the summer.”

For a grounding experience, Sibner offered public yoga classes throughout the day as well at Magic Mountain Wellness.

Taking a relaxing break during the day, Elizabeth Andrade took to the $1 per minute chair message also at Mountain Wellness by Carol Schrum CMT. Andrade says, “It was delicious. I was allowed to surrender to my chair massage. She has great hands.”

The streets were alive with people roaming up and down Dunsmuir Avenue enjoying the local vendors playing music, displaying their crafts and offering free snacks as welcoming gifts, it is easy to enjoy the day wondering through many of the different types of one-of-a-kind stores in this creative and unique town.

Mossbrae Hotel offered tours of its seven newly renovation rooms showing off many of the original artifacts from the early 1900s in its stylish new atmosphere. Marc and Londa Rowley fell in love with Dunsmuir when they bought the hotel last year and say that they will be adding balconies next. “The town has totally embraced up. We are new here just opening at the end of last summer,” says Marc.

Sacred Well found their niche in Dunsmuir this last year. They offered tea leaf readings by Gael Ruby, and featured Jane Rothenberg’s Red Earth Rising Jewelry. They are planning Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the dead) on November 2nd and will have many spooky creations to celebrate.

Hidden on the side street at 4116 Pine Street, just under the old bank building, is Bite This and Chew on That. This quaint little pet store specializes in all grain free and raw pet food, dog treats and snacks and will be opening a self-service pet wash next month. They also have fishing tackle for local fishing and will do special orders. They kept their popcorn machine going all day handing out bags of popcorn to passerby's.

The second hand store called Moonrise Canyon held a textile show from around the world featuring Huipil clothes made from a backstrap loom from Central America along with textiles from Afghanistan, Japan, Ecuador, and South America. Celebrating their first year, they carry a curator eclectic collection from local artists. The store has mostly antique and unusual clothes, it is a ‘come and see and be enchanted’ kind of shop.

Some of the storefronts are unmarked. Some have back rooms that are enchanting. Shattered Pulp & Curiosity Shoppe is one of those. If you past all the classic and trendy antiques in the front room of Shattered Pulp & Curiosity Shoppe (which is hard to do) and wonder into the back room you step back in time to a time warp of records, 8 tracks, cassettes that line the walls with posters from the 60s and 70s. In the annex next door that use to be the bank is now filled with larger antiques and unusual finds that overflowed from the Shattered Pulp & Curiosity Shoppe. The original big train mural on the wall is still there.

To follow Dunsmuir Second Saturdays and see what is going on each month follow them on their website at