McCloud High School celebrates a year of learning

Shareen Strauss
At Thursday McCloud High School Open House, Jessica, Amos and Jaden McAbier, Jacob Savage, school secretary Amy Bourke, rock band teacher Chad Major, his wife Julie and his son Boaz happily gather in front of Jacob Savage's antique school desk he refurbished. The open house showcased the students' work projects throughout the school year and gave parents and students a chance to talk to the teachers.

McCloud High School held an 8th grade preview day and an open house on Thursday, May 16.

Students from Golden Eagle Charter School, Sisson but mostly from McCloud Elementary School came to see what McCloud High School had to offer.

McCloud High School sophomore Alisha Walker gave a presentation for the 8th graders and led a tour through the classes that showcased the high schooler’s projects.

“We are super excited to see the 8th graders and have our open house and to highlight all the student’s accomplishments they have achieved through the year,” said principal Jessica Bowman.

Secretary Amy Bourke says of the 8th grade preview day, “Our students displayed what we have been doing. All the 8th grade students seem to be excited to become high school freshmen.”

Before the parents and school dignitaries accompanied the students at the open house later in the day, the high school rock band opened with 3 classic rock-n-roll songs in the gymnasium. Each of the classes featured the different projects they completed through the year and teachers were available to talk with the parents and students in the classrooms.

Spanish teacher Elena Bianchi says, “The kids are making great progress. They don’t realize the tools they have until I put a Spanish article in front of them and they are able to read it.”

Math teacher Hud Oates says, “This gave me the opportunity to talk with the parents and students in a different and relaxed atmosphere at the open house. We talked about what we’ve done this year in preparing for next year. Being a small school, we are still a resource for the seniors. I am sure we will still see them around next year.”

Looking at the forms of geometry, Pythagorean triples, angles and algebra on the wall in the math class, Oates adds, “They get a little of everything that builds through the years so by the time they are in their third year they are formalizing higher levels of math for college.”

History instructor, Todd Carson says, “I had fun learning how to think with the students in good class discussions about the pre and post civil war era.”

Band teacher Chad Major said, “Three weeks ago I threw two new songs at the band and they learned them in one day. At the beginning of the year there was no way they would be able to do that. They have come a long way.”

Stephanie Burris, a parent who volunteered to make food for the students and staff for the presentations, set a table in the culinary room with many dishes of a variety of healthy choices.

Student Elly Hale says, “This has been an exciting day. The food is amazing that was all prepared by Stephanie. I cannot even begin to describe the band-they were great.”

Student Body President Morgan Miller said, “The students put in a lot of work over the past two weeks to ensure the success of the 8th grade presentation and the open house. I’m extremely impressed by all the students’ work and am proud to be on the student body representing my peers.”

Jacob Savage displayed his refurbished antique school desk in the hall of the school. He says, “I was already offered $200 for it. I am planning on donating it to raise money for a school fundraiser.”