Golden Eagle grads honored

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Mount Shasta Herald
Elizabeth Bradley gave a musical performance during her graduation ceremony on Friday, May 31. She was among 40 grads who walked the stage to receive diplomas.

Golden Eagle Charter School graduated 40 seniors during a commencement ceremony held at College of the Siskiyous in Weed on Friday, May 31

In the highly personalized ceremony, graduates were presented diplomas by their own teachers, including Kevin Hoffmeister, Shelley Young, Shelly Blakely, Arianna Morningstar, Evelyn Palmer, Tristen Holden, Kit McCotter, Michael NeVille, Heather Schneider, Elena Bianchi, Jennifer White, Dave Theno, Dina Ederer, Catarina Wolmar, Jason Paine, Kristyn Rowan, Eileen Farnan and Debbie Hymas.

The introduction of the graduates was performed by Joseph Supple, who was also the master of ceremonies.

The audience was treated to a student performance by Asher Neitsch in a trio with Tealia Nuti and Georgie Bass. Keynote speaker was Tanner Larsen and Elizabeth Bradley also performed.

Graduates included Novan Azagthoth, Elizabeth Bradley, Lillian Bradley, Autumn Short, Brynn Witherell, Katarina Wilden, Asher Neitsch, Austin Clemens, Alissa Ferrari, Jacob Hankin, Emma Kline, Alex Morlet, Orion Ringo, Rosalia Maria Griffin, Conner Spaulding, Shelby Haller, Kassandra Quigley, Tatiana Leitner, Daniel Hughs-Langmaid, Wyatt Kendall, Hannah Fielder, Katelyn Hunt, Eden Jerue, Olivia Nebiolini, Jason Penner, Leiyana Song, Shastalily Sunwater, Lily Weaver, Elijah McVae, Heather Kane, Justin Sjoblom, Skyler Fredson, Tanner Larson, Caitlynn Liming, Aliyah Miller, Kaitlyn Templin, Dawn Yaley, John Shafer, Hunter Smith and Olivia Young.

Those graduates who were not in the ceremony included Megan Hardin, William Hart, Tyler Hedin, Brock Lewis, Miranda Maracci, Hannah McIlroy, Jade Medeiros, Soren Oliveria and Arkady Saryon.