Manhunt in Mount Shasta prompts CodeRED alert

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Mount Shasta Herald
Jordan Stanley

A man who had an arrest warrant stemming from a 2018 car theft and burglary incident was arrested last Tuesday after a manhunt in Mount Shasta.

Jordan Stanley, age 20, alluded capture by Siskiyou County Sheriff’s deputies but later turned himself over to Mount Shasta Police Department officers, according to press releases from the two agencies.

The search for Stanley prompted an extensive search in the Alma Street area for several hours, the Sheriff’s Office said. During the search, a CodeRED general alert was issued to some Mount Shasta residents to advise them of the situation.

Stanley’s arrest warrant was issued after he was implicated in the September 7, 2018 early morning theft of a vehicle from Kennedy Drive in Mount Shasta, the Sheriff’s Office said.

About 40 minutes after the 2005 GMC Yukon was reported stolen, the Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at the McCloud Chevron station

A Sheriff’s deputy who responded found the gas station’s storefront had been rammed with a vehicle and the ATM at the location was missing.

Another deputy who responded to the scene noticed an SUV-type vehicle traveling away from McCloud on Highway 89 at a high rate of speed, the Sheriff’s Office said. The deputy followed the vehicle, which turned abruptly onto Ski Park Highway and matched the description of the stolen vehicle from Mount Shasta.

The deputy attempted to initiate an enforcement stop but the driver fled the scene, “initiating a series of evasive maneuvers in an obvious attempt to evade identification and apprehension,” the Sheriff’s Office reported. The vehicle turned onto Old McCloud Road and spun out, causing a dust cloud to obscure the deputy’s vision.

The deputy quickly located the abandoned GMC Yukon on Old McCloud Road, one mile west of Ski Park Highway and confirmed that it was the stolen vehicle from Mount Shasta.

A subsequent investigation by the Sheriff Office’s Major Crimes Unit revealed security camera footage showing a suspect wearing a mask at the Chevron station.

Although the suspect was not located at the time, MCU detectives had an article of evidence scientifically analyzed for DNA, which ultimately indicated Stanley as a person of interest in the case, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Stanley faces several serious charges associated with his crimes, including burglary, theft, felony vandalism, auto theft, evading arrest, and resisting, obstructing, and delaying a peace officer during the course of their duty,” the Sheriff’s Office said. He also faces probation violation charges.

Stanley was previously arrested by MSPD on September 27, 2018, for possession of burglary tools and loitering. He was on probation for a Shasta County crime involving the burglary of a jewelry store in Redding on September 24, 2018.

Some Mount Shasta residents who lived in the area near the search for Stanley were alarmed that they hadn’t received the alert. MSPD clarified that it was not an emergency alert, so those who haven’t opted in to receive general alerts wouldn’t have been notified.

“Additionally, a specified area was chosen to receive the alert,” MSPD said in their release. “These two reasons in combination may have resulted in some unconventional groupings of who received the alert.”

The department went on to encourage all residents to create a CodeRED account and to add all landlines and cell phone numbers to receive messages. It is best, they said, to receive both emergency and general notifications.

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