Student art nets more than $3,000

Submitted by Alexis Kihm
Justin Blomberg, 17, stands next to his painting Mt Shasta, which sold last week for $1,000 as part of a fundraiser for the “I AM” School student government.

On Friday, May 31st, the “I AM” School of Mount Shasta held an exhibition at the Wheelhouse diner in Dunsmuir to showcase student-produced art. The event was set up as a blind auction where viewers could place bids on the pieces as a fundraiser for the school, which reeled in a massive success – total revenue accumulating to $3,140. Featuring more than 35 pieces by 12 different creators, the exhibition most importantly provided an opportunity for the young artists to get their work out on the scene.

The exhibition was made up of primarily paintings – in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and casein – but also contained a small variety of works in more unique art forms, including a chair crafted by one of the woodworking students, a handmade jacket, a stained glass lamp, and 3D model car blueprints. Paintings and paper works were displayed across two walls, while larger pieces inhabited a corner of the dining room. Attendees were able to sit down and eat while viewing the artwork and all artists were present on site to answer questions, making for a convenient and comfortable experience for all involved.

The “I AM” School intends to organize more of these art exhibitions in the future, with hopes to involve other Mount Shasta high school students to help expose and sell their work as well. “It’s a really great opportunity,” says Justin Blomberg, 17, who is the artist behind one of the evening’s highest-selling pieces: a casein painting of Mount Shasta. The piece sold for $1,000, nearly one third of the grand total.

He shares his thoughts on this accomplishment: “I’m very proud, knowing all the work I put into it. The exhibition overall was just a really fun experience I’m glad it turned out to be a success. It was kind of eye-opening, we were able to see what we were capable of.” Justin is on board with the idea of including more young artists from other Mount Shasta schools in future exhibitions.

All money raised from the auction went towards the “I AM” School student government, but bringing in other high school students would open up new possibilities in terms of causes to raise money for. While the exact future of these upcoming exhibitions remains to be planned, the “I AM” School hopes to open up this opportunity for Mount Shasta youth within the upcoming school year.