Input sought on improvements to Hoo Hoo Park

Shareen Strauss

McCloud Community Services District plans to apply to the California Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program for grant funding to complete some work at Hoo Hoo Park and is seeking public input.

Wanting to improve the infrastructure of the park in McCloud, the district is reaching out to the McCloud community.

The McCloud High School woodshop class has produced two of the six oversized cedar picnic tables for the park with wood provided to them by the District.

Student Jaden Quiring, who took the lead of the project said, “We have been working on this project for two months now. It is a fun project and I feel good to be doing something to give back to the community. Charlie Miller came two weeks ago and jump started us forward on this. It took us two days (class periods) to finish one table. After we sanded, routed, cut and planed it, we bolted it together.” Principal Jessica Bowman says, “This is the least we can do since the community has done so much for the High School. And we are very appreciative of Charlie Miller stepping up and helping us get this project done.”

Along with the school, others volunteered and donated toward the Hoo Hoo Park project.

“Last year we obtained a giant cedar tree that fell at Intake Springs,” MCSD Public Works Supervisor Amos McAbier noted, adding, “We contacted Rob Hanson who voluntarily milled it with his portable sawmill. We then contacted the high school and they were more than happy to work on this project. Greg Jeull with Sousa Reddy Mix donated the concrete for the picnic table pads and Solano’s donated the materials and hardware for the tables and pads.

“Charlie Miller is very resourceful in getting tools that the classroom didn’t have and the students benefited greatly by his presence. The surrounding communities like the Hanson family, Sousa, and Solano’s in Mt. Shasta have been awesome. These tables are almost as overbuilt and majestic as the generosity and support of our surrounding community members and local businesses.”

Hoo Hoo Park currently has athletic fields for youth and community sports, a children’s playground, gazebos, a performances pavilion, horseshoe pits, bocce courts, and picnic areas. Ideas from the public since the start of the survey have included a dog park and dog trail around the park, a fitness trail with exercise equipment, Thai Chi classes, a basketball court, signage about the park’s history and a children’s water feature as Enterprise Park in Redding has.

The Proposition 68 grant funding opportunity involves significant community-based input designed to generate ideas to help guide revitalization planning and possible future enhancements to the park.

Volunteers Donna Sager and Leslie Hopper have been soliciting community input for ideas to improve and enhance the park’s infrastructure. They have created a public survey and will be at the following locations to talk to and inform the public:

June 27 – (Thursday) 5:30-7:30 p.m. - Hoo Hoo Park

July 8 – (Monday) 12-4 p.m. - McCloud Library (Hosted by Randy Snider – MCSD Librarian).

July 13 – (Saturday) 11 a.m.-1 p.m. – Hoo Hoo Park (Host: Kevin Dalton MCSD General Manager)

July 27 – (Saturday) 9-11 a.m . – Fiesta Small booth/table (Kevin Dalton, Leslie Hopper)

Hoo Hoo Park, located at the intersection of E. Columbero and Shasta Avenue in McCloud, was established in 1927 when the town was still owned by the McCloud River Lumber Company and was donated to the District in 1966.

As part of the process, McCloud Community Services District will host at least five public meetings at convenient locations and times of day to increase the possibility McCloud residents and visitors have a chance to attend and share their ideas. MCSD has also developed an online survey which can be accessed through this link: