It's official: Mount Shasta's Fourth of July run is 5 miles

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
With the help of his senior project mentor, Mount Shasta High School’s Griffin Hamann worked to certify Mount Shasta’s annual Fourth of July 5-mile race with USA Track and Field.

Beginning this year, runners in Mount Shasta’s Fourth of July five-mile race will be competing on a course that has been certified by USA Track and Field. The certification process was completed as a senior project by Mount Shasta High School student Griffin Hamann.

Certification by USATF assures that runners are competing on an accurately measured course. Certification also makes any performance on the course eligible for consideration as an official record. Previous course measurements were established in 2011 with a calibrated wheel, but never submitted to USATF for certification. Hamann recognized the value of certification in promoting the 4th of July race and submitted a proposal to his school advisor to complete the process as his senior project. He also approached race director Dusty Miller for guidance through the process.

USATF guidelines require use of a specific counter mounted on the front wheel of a bicycle and calibrated on a pre-measured course. Hamann established an 1100 foot calibration course on the College of the Siskiyous campus using a steel tape.

Once the calibration course was established, Hamann was required to ride it four times to calibrate the bike. He then rode the five-mile race course twice following what is described by USATF as the “shortest possible route.” He then returned to the COS calibration course to recheck calibration for changes in temperature or tire pressure.

Measurements were carried out in the early morning hours of April 13 to minimize conflicts with traffic. Hamann’s measurements moved the Fourth of July finish line nine feet beyond the previous location.

Once measurements were completed, Hamann submitted paperwork to the USATF road course certifier. These forms documented his procedures, showed all calculations, and included a detailed map showing the actual route measured. The course is now recorded with USATF as certification number CA19031RS.

The purpose of the Mount Shasta Fourth of July Fun Run & Walk is to inspire community health while honoring a long loved tradition of connection, good will, and good old fashioned fun. For more information and to register for the Fourth of July Fun Run & Walk go to