No fires allowed after burn ban announced in Siskiyou communities

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Warm temperatures and prime fire conditions have prompted several local fire departments and CAL FIRE to suspend all permits for outdoor open residential burning. The suspensions within the State Responsibility Area, Yreka city limits and Fort Jones city limits took place Monday morning.

Yreka Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jerry Lemos thanked the citizens of Yreka “for their continuous efforts in cleaning grassy lots and removing possible fire hazards.”

“Last year was a devastating reminder that the public cannot let their guard down,” said CAL FIRE director Thom Porter. “Together we must adapt and evolve to be able to withstand the intensity of these fires, keeping in mind that the only way to mitigate the damage they cause is through preparation ... The dry, hot weather that fueled the massive fires last year will return again this year, so it is up to the public to be ready.”

CAL FIRE said it has responded to more than 1,171 wildfires since January 1 and 1,893,913 acres burned during California’s 2018 wildfire season – the largest amount recorded in a fire season.

To prevent fire, CAL FIRE reminded people to avoid mowing on hot and dry days. The agency also advised people to prepare their properties for fire by clearing dead vegetation, planting fire-resistant plants, and disposing of debris.

Here are some tips to help prepare your home and property:

• Clear all dead or dying vegetation 100 feet around all structures.

• Landscape with fire resistant/drought tolerant plants

• Find alternative ways to dispose of landscape debris like chipping or  hauling it to a biomass energy facility

Campfires within organized campgrounds or on private property that are otherwise permitted will be allowed if the campfire is maintained in such a manner as to prevent its spread to the wildland.    

 For additional information on preparing for and preventing wildfires visit