Leashes now required on all dogs in Lake Shastina

Dana Flint

The Directors of the Lake Shastina Community Services District passed a leash law after much discussion by the board and many comments from the attending public at their meeting last week.

The law is designed to protect other animals and people by assuring that their owners maintain control of the animals at all times when in public.

The catalyst for updating the animal ordinance was a small dog, Teddy, that had been killed by another dog after running into the street near its owner’s house, said LSCSD Director Stan Beck.

Wednesday, Beck opposed “the strong wording” at places in the draft ordinance, and he opposed passing the draft because, he said, no other town in Siskiyou County has a leash law.

The ordinance would also allow officials to take a dangerous dog from a residence without a search warrant, it was revealed during board discussion.

The ordinance will require dogs on leashes at Hoy Park and throughout the entire district.

One change made to the ordinance Wednesday was to include dogs wearing functional shock collars as being considered under control of their owners.

The directors made a few other changes to clarify the document before passing the first reading 3-1, with Beck dissenting and Director Rick Thompson absent.

Sewer rates

In other news, domestic and commercial sewer rates will increase on July 1, with the October sewer bill showing the increase.

The district received 55 letters from residents pertaining to this Ordinance 1-19, amounting to about 5.1 percent of sewer users, which would mean that about 95 percent of the residents agreed on the need for sewer improvements and rate increases, said Director Paula Mitchell, who was acting president in Thompson’s absence.

General manager Robert Moser said the district is applying for a grant to pay for the capital improvements needed.

In budget news, the Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Operating Budget passed 4-0. Director Carol Cupp thanked the Budget Committee for their “hard work” to prepare the new budget.

The water department accepted a proposal by SHN to provide planning and engineering design for the District’s Drinking Water Planning Grant. It was accepted by the directors, who voted 4-0.

Also in a 4-0 vote, the Board appointed Robert Moser District negotiator for “all aspects of applying for a Community Development Block Grant for a new fire station,” said Cupp, who made the motion.

Lake Shastina Fire chief Steve Pappas has found property for sale to use for the new station, Moser said.

Pappas said the location is “about 2.2 miles” south of the current station.

“The grant would cover the cost of the building,” Moser said. “Our intent is to purchase the land at the same time as we receive the grant.”

The board voted 4-0 to enter into a 10-year agreement with the Lake Shastina Property Owners’ Association, where, Moser said, the LSCSD can use the LSPOA’s maintenance yard and the LSPOA can use the LSCSD’s equipment. LSCSD public works employees may also assist the LSPOA, which will reimburse the LSCSD.