Growing workforce drives county unemployment up slightly

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

While California’s unemployment rate remained at 4.2 percent in June, Siskiyou County’s jobless rate rose slightly to 5.8 percent.

In May, Siskiyou’s rate was 5.4 percent, according to information released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

One reason for the increase is that the county’s civilian labor force increased over the month, the EDD reported. In June, 1,030 of the county’s 17,690 job seekers were looking for work. In May, the labor force was 17,180 with 920 seeking employment.

Siskiyou County employers added jobs in nearly every industry, most notably in mining and logging; leisure and hospitality and farming.

Siskiyou County is now ranked 42nd out of California’s 58 counties in terms of unemployment. At the top of the list is San Mateo County, where just 2.2 percent of the workforce is jobless. Imperial County is ranked last with an unemployment rate of 18.6 percent.

California’s employers added 46,200 nonfarm payroll jobs, according to the EDD. The state has now gained 3,284,300 jobs since the economic expansion began in February 2010.

Some of the state’s labor market highlights in June include:

• The state’s unemployment rate held at 4.2 percent still hovering near California’s record low unemployment rate of 4.1 percent set in July through December 2018.

• June’s 46,200 job gain was California’s second largest job increase in 2019 and accounted for approximately 21 percent of the nation’s 224,000 job gain for the month.

• The state’s 112-month employment expansion is the second-longest on record behind the 113-month long expansion of the 1960s.

• California has gained 3,284,300 jobs since the current economic expansion began in February 2010, averaging 29,320 jobs gained per month over the period – far more than the 8-9,000 jobs needed each month to keep up with growth in the labor force.

• Nine of California’s 11 major industry sectors gained jobs in June. The biggest increase of 11,900 jobs came in construction; the largest June job increase in that industry in 10 years. Commercial and home construction both contributed to the construction industry’s June surge.

The unemployment rate comes from a federal survey of 5,100 households and the nonfarm payroll jobs come from a separate federal survey of 80,000 California businesses.