Golden Eagle puts emphasis on relationships

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Students work collaboratively at Golden Eagle Charter School.

Golden Eagle Charter School teachers Jacque Anderson and Heidi Barlow are in their second year coordinating the 6-8 grade program for Golden Eagle’s Mount Shasta Learning Center. Between the two, they plan and teach English, math, science, and history to a diverse group of students from Dunsmuir, Weed, McCloud, and Mount Shasta.

Students attend core classes Monday through Thursday while completing home assignments and pursuing independent academic interests at home and in their community during the rest of their school week, according to a press release from the school.  They also enjoy access to a range of electives including art, cooking, video game design, outdoor education, and yearbook.  

The most important aspect of the program’s design is its focus on building a strong community and fostering social development in its students, the release states. A multi-grade teaching approach allows Barlow and Anderson to personalize each student’s academic goals while building a strong sense of group identity.  

“We are so lucky to have a collaborative atmosphere of learning and developing,” said Anderson.  “I love that I can work with students who can be themselves and yet push themselves to learn new things.”

Eighth grader Emily Collins said she appreciates the school’s positive culture.  

“The teachers really like to connect with the students and have an actual relationship with them.”

Families interested in finding out more about the GECS middle school can contact Anderson at