'Activity Zone' was a hit

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Four great organizations came together to create and run the First 5 Activity Zone at the Siskiyou Golden Fair, including First 5 Siskiyou, Siskiyou Community Resource Center Collaborative, which includes the five family and community resource centers located in Yreka, Montague, Weed, Mt Shasta and Dunsmuir. Also included were Siskiyou Early Head Start and Delta Kappa Gamma.

Siskiyou Early Head Start brought soft toddler mats and created a gross motor toddler area. Kids built with them, played on, slid down, and it gave an area for safe play. The Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative, First 5 Siskiyou and Delta Kappa Gamma provided a cozy space for parent and child literacy, including a reading library for story times and each family went home with their own book. Delta Kappa Gamma helped enroll children aged zero to five into the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This program provides free age appropriate books each month to children, and are shipped directly to the child’s home.

“This year we worked with Cliff Munson, CEO for the fairgrounds, to move the activity zone into a more secure and appealing building,” said Steven Bryan, Regional Director for South Siskiyou County with SCRC. “The new location led to an increase of double the amount people that we served compared to last year’s fair”.

A giant sensory bin full of dried corn and measuring cups encouraged children to recognize mathematical concepts and imaginary play. Magna-tile building stations were set up for an all-age activity that provided endless fun during the fair at multiple tables. Art stations were provided for free art expression, including bug collages. Two family inspired play gift baskets, donated by First 5 Siskiyou, were raffled off to two lucky families. Over 1,760 families participated in the activity zone over five days, including 490 children ages 0-5 years old.