Firearm discharged in Piemont parking lot located after extensive search

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
After an extensive two-day search, this Ruger firearm was located along S. Mt. Shasta Boulevard, across the street from the Piemont parking lot.

Officers from multiple agencies, with the help of volunteers, worked for two days to locate a firearm believed to have been used in a confrontation in the Piemont parking lot in Mount Shasta Friday night.

Garth Weedon, age 65, was arrested Sept. 20 for assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm after being awakened inside the vehicle where he was sleeping.

“We’re not sure if the shot was a mistake, a kneejerk reaction, or on purpose,” said Restine.

The shot shattered the drivers side window and sent the friend who had reportedly been checking on Weedon running, the MSPD said in a press release.

Just after 10 p.m. on Sept. 20, Mount Shasta Police Department dispatchers received a 911 call from the friend, who said he saw Weedon sleeping in his vehicle and tried to wake him in an attempt to check his welfare.

The firearm was discharged but the victim was not struck and he quickly left the scene to call 911, said MSPD Lieutenant Joe Restine.

Officers arrived on scene at approximately eight minutes after the incident and located the vehicle unoccupied. Weedon was found standing approximately 30 feet away and was taken into custody without further incident, said Restine.

The MSPD, along with Siskiyou County Sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol personnel searched Weedon’s vehicle. A loaded magazine, a holster and a spent shell casing were recovered, but the firearm was nowhere to be found, said Restine.

Restine said the MSPD worked to discover how far away Weedon could have traveled on foot before returning to the scene prior to the officer’s arrived and created a perimeter in which to search for the firearm.

They searched that morning and the following morning, said Restine. A volunteer with a tractor even assisted by moving blackberry bushes to aid in the search, Restine said.

On Sunday morning, Sept. 22, with assistance from the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, the firearm was recovered within the perimeter, across the street from the Piemont parking lot, said Restine.

“We are happy to know that the firearm is now secure and can not pose a danger to the community,” said Restine.