You can donate to local community resource centers Tuesday

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative continues their mission to elevate lives and create positive futures for many families. During the fiscal year 2018-19, the five resource centers within the collaborative served 25,769 individuals at centers in Montague, Yreka, Weed, Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir.

The SCRC asks for the public’s support on Dec. 3 during the North State Giving Tuesday event. You can contribute to any of the five resource centers in your area.

There are several success stories originating from each of these Community Centers. In Yreka, the Nurturing & Parenting Skills class was attended by 14 parents and 18 children. By the end of the class, 13 parents remained and all of the children were enrolled in Siskiyou Early Head Start program. Each child participated in early intervention screenings, which supports the child reaching parody with students the same age.

The Community Garden Project was another wonderful example of the public coming together to fulfill the community needs in Dunsmuir. The land was provided by the owner, while businesses sponsored a garden bed. All the produce was donated back to the community through the food pantry or used in summer classes. The Dunsmuir Community Resource Center even held their sensational Literacy Event in the Garden.

The Weed Family and Community Resource Center administered the Parenting and Healthy Child Development classes as an ongoing series last spring. The parents’ request to continue this instruction was overwhelming. This center also provided an enriching and adventurous summer camp for children ages five to ten. This program is essential for school readiness. It provides a unique venue for growth, allowing independence and self-confidence, while socializing and learning many new skills that will prepare them for their academic environment.

Other examples of successful events include the four-week Messy Play series in Mt. Shasta. This was an explorative art program where 19 adults and 26 children, between the ages of 2-5 years. Child participation enhances their fine motor skills, creative development and increases vocabulary and literacy skills.

This summer the SCRC Executive Director Michelle O’Gorman received an in-depth evaluation and critique from the board members, program directors, employees and volunteers. Collectively Ms. O’Gorman was recognized not only for her administrative skills, but also for her commitment and compassion for the citizens of Siskiyou County. The only necessary improvement included an assistant assigned to the executive director due to the numerous programs and increasing workload solicited by the community.

The Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative continues to track down grant funding thanks to its partnership with other service agencies such as Behavioral Health and First Five. The Collaborative recently received funding through a competitive grant thanks to the efforts of many and participation by the resource centers during the Point in Time Count of the homeless. Other partners include Social Services, Media Council, legal institutions, hospitals and the Homelessness Coalition

In September, the Siskiyou Homeless Adult and Family Multi-Disciplinary Team conducted its first strategic assessment analysis, wherein the Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative took a principal role with the Department of Behavioral Health in locating housing, providing community service, transporting the individual and working in conjunction with the judicial system.

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