Search for Davohnte Morgan continues one month after he disappeared from Mount Shasta

Skye Kinkade
Mount Shasta Herald
Devohnte Morgan, 28, has been missing from Mount Shasta since May 5.

By Skye Kinkade

MOUNT SHASTA – Mount Shasta Police Department revealed detailed information over the weekend about the disappearance of Davohnte Morgan – a Bay Area man who was last seen in Mount Shasta on May 5 – and the steps the department has taken to find him.

Morgan’s family has hired a private investigator and a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the 28 year-old.

“Circumstances surrounding (Morgan’s) disappearance are highly unusual and the case is being investigated as suspicious,” said MSPD Lieutenant Joe Restine, relating what is known about the day Morgan was last seen.

Morgan was reported missing by his girlfriend on May 7. She reported that she broke up with Morgan on the night of May 4, but the two stayed the night together at Cold Creek Inn on N. Mt. Shasta Blvd, MSPD said.

The next morning, the girlfriend reported she went out to see the sunrise, and as she was returning to the motel, she crossed paths with Morgan, but they didn’t speak to one another, MSPD said. That was the last time she saw him, the girlfriend told police.

The following day, on May 6, the girlfriend went to MSPD to speak to an officer about Morgan being missing, but after speaking to a member of his family, she decided to wait to file a report until the following morning, said Restine.

When the report was filed on May 7, Morgan was entered into the missing persons system and the department made a post to social media to generate possible leads. This information was shared region wide.

“Shortly after taking the investigation we were able to find video surveillance of (Morgan) walking past the police department on the day he was reported to have gone missing on May 5,” said Restine. “The timeline was consistent with the original report and corroborated the timeline for the initial statement.”

MSPD contacted the San Francisco Police Department for consultation and the Fresno Police Department assisted by checking a residence, MSPD said. MSPD has also collaborated with Redding FBI and the California Department of Justice.

In a follow-up search of surveillance videos, MSPD found footage of Morgan walking around Mount Shasta on May 5 for approximately an hour, during which time he covered about 2.25 miles before there is no more surveillance found, said Restine.

“(Morgan) was seen on 10 cameras at six locations. This hour timeline is after he was last reported to have been seen” on the morning of May 5. “We watched surveillance video at MSPD for a consecutive 72 hour time period from the point he is last seen on video. In addition, we watched surveillance video at eight different locations to attempt to track his movements,” said Restine.

The department requested the assistance of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department’s Search and Rescue team and the Southern Oregon Search and Rescue team, Restine said. Cadaver dogs were used to search two possible locations for remains and a grid search from Morgan’s last known location. One search included a consent search of a home with a cadaver dog.

Another area was searched based on a hearsay report of the possible dumping of a body, said Restine.

A grid search consisted of all areas within approximately a mile of where Morgan was last seen, said Restine. Cadaver dogs specifically looked into wooded areas and marsh land.

On another front, the MSPD tracked two cards that may have been in Morgan’s possession when he disappeared.

“One was used by a family member one time and proven not in his possession,” said Restine. “The other was not used. The department wrote and was denied a search warrant for a Chime credit card account which was believed to be in his possession and had a credit.”

Restine said Morgan’s cell phone was tracked on “multiple occasions,” and was pinged in Oakland on May 3, the day before he drove to Mount Shasta. He didn’t use the phone while in Mount Shasta, Restine said.

MSPD has checked all hotels in Siskiyou County, all the county buses and taxi services from Medford, Ore. to Redding, checked the Greyhound bus lines and Amtrak.

Although Morgan was thought to be without cash, MSPD found surveillance of hime paying with cash at a convenience store with more cash in his wallet,” said Restine.

Restine said it is misleading to say Morgan hasn’t used his card, “because he has his Chime card in his possession that we are unable to check ... It was also shared that he hadn’t used his phone since he disappeared. This is true but misleading as well. He had not used the phone for two days prior to his disappearance.”

MSPD said that they have fielded questions about why more areas haven’t been searched. Restine pointed out the size of the Mt. Shasta wilderness area and added that there is no evidence to support Morgan entered the wilderness area.

Morgan is a 5’11” African American man with short black hair and brown eyes. He has a slender build, a mustache and a goatee. He is a cigarette smoker and walks with a slight limp. Morgan has a tattoo on the top of his left hand.

Morgan was last seen wearing black sweatpants, a black turtleneck and San Francisco 49ers slide rubber sandals. He may have had a rental car key in his possession when he disappeared, so anyone who may have found a car key with a rental key fob at any point after May 5 is asked to report it.

“Devohnte is from San Francisco, is not an outdoorsman, and it was his first time in the area,” his family said on a missing flyer. “He is very close with his family and would not have taken off on his own without contacting anyone.”

Those with information about Morgan, or who may have surveillance footage of the morning of May 5 should contact MSPD at (530) 926-7540. You may also contact Cook & Associates Private Investigators at (707) 839-7422. MSPD reminds the public that they may remain anonymous with any information they provide.

A $25,000 reward is being offered to find missing man Devohnte Morgan, who was last seen in Mount Shasta on May 5.