McCloud residents witnessed exciting off-road driving during commercial filming

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Mount Shasta Herald
Mount Shasta Herald

WD-40 Brand filmed 5-time Pro 4 Off-Road Racing Champion Kyle LeDuc soaring over jumps and racing up Main Street for a series of commercials.

First at McCloud’s train yard on Monday, then in front of the McCloud Market early Tuesday morning, people watched as the stunt driver literally flew through the air and sped up Main Street with engine roaring at over 100 mph and smoke from tires spinning on the pavement over and over again. They were staging a new exposure program of the famous WD-40 Brand products.

Driving his 4-wheel drive Ford Raptor built by TRAD-Team Racing and Development here in McCloud, LeDuc drove off the 8-foot cement double wall that separates the McCloud Coyote Gym with the McCloud Market parking lot. Neither the $300,000 customized truck nor the cement parking lot sustained any damage with the truck’s tires built to fall 1 ½ to 2 feet to absorb the impact.

LeDuc and Trad Ronfeldt with TRAD have been working on this adventure for a year and after reaching out to their sponsors, WD-40 Brand jumped on it about 2 weeks ago according to LeDuc.

“We jumped on this adventure because it was a great opportunity to showcase some of the more than 20 WD-40 Brand products,” said Robin Baloochi, WD-40 Sports Marketing Manager, who was in town for the video shoot. “We are so grateful to the city of McCloud and its residents for welcoming and allowing us to film in their city.”

The series of commercials will make their debut in August. One of them will show locals like Randy Ives, a retired mill worker purchasing their products in the McCloud Market as LeDuc flies over the wall spinning out in the parking lot just outside.

Many locals volunteered to help build the dirt ramps, control traffic or to be extras in the background.

Gail Fritz, a McCloud resident, says about the filming around town, “It is great that they are here contributing to our economy. They are utilizing our businesses while they are here by staying in our hotels and dining in our eateries. We need more of that. Plus, people will see how great our town is.”