McCloud's Lower Elk Spring to be protected in vault

Shareen Strauss

After years of planning, McCloud’s Lower Elk Spring house replacement project will get underway soon as the Department of Water Resources has selected this project for the draft recommended funding list.

The current wooden structure with corrugated roof will be replaced with a concrete vault to insure protection from erosion and habitat contamination.

The project will be funded via the Sacramento River Funding Area for the Prop 1 Round 1 Integrated Regional Water Management Implementation Grant Solicitation.

The proposal totals $509,000, pending the required 20-day public comment period that the state must provide as a formality. It is hoped the project can proceed in October.

“I will be working out the details and getting our projections for what phases of the project we will be trying to complete and what their associated cost may be,” said McCloud Community Services District General Manager Amos McAbier. “This is exciting news and I am very happy that we will be very busy seeing this process through at the same time we are preparing for other projects and grant funding related to our community water distribution systems’ much needed water infrastructure replacement.”