McCloud fire department in need of volunteers

Department chief, several volunteers resigned las month

Shareen Strauss

McCloud’s Volunteer Fire Department took a recent blow with the resignation of the fire chief and the loss of other fire department volunteers.

McCloud Fire Chief Steve Boone gave his resignation on June 8. The McCloud Community Services District is currently hiring to fill this paid position.

Interim Acting Fire Chief Scott Boone said the fire department staffing is at an “all-time low.”

There is not enough staff to run the McCloud Fire Department’s ambulance, which lost its use permit, Scott Boone said. The fire department had to renew its permit between April and June to remain active.

McCloud has been in this situation with no ambulance in years past, according to Raymond Zanni who was a McCloud volunteer firefighter for more than 29 years. He said that they would transport patients by meeting up with Mt. Shasta Ambulance, who would then take over.

The CAL FIRE station in McCloud has been notified of this situation.

During a special meeting of MCSD’s fire department committee on July 2, community members and volunteer firefighters offered suggestions to encourage more volunteers to join the department.

Volunteers will be payed to train. There are currently five or six active volunteers but they all have other jobs as well.

By law, the district’s general manager, Amos McAbier is the executive staff officer and does the hiring and overseeing of the fire department.

If interested in becoming a volunteer for the McCloud Fire Department, contact the McCloud Services District Office at (530) 964-2017.