Dunsmuir treasurer candidate Mario Rubino points to experience

Skye Kinkade
Mount Shasta Herald

After serving as Dunsmuir’s treasurer for six years, Mario Rubino has a challenger in children’s social worker Dena Marlatt.

Dunsmuir Treasurer Mario Rubino

Rubino, 62, has also previously served on Dunsmuir’s city council. He was originally appointed as treasurer in 2014 and was later elected by citizens for a four year term. 

He said he is able to connect the public with staff and council priorities.

“I offer history and continuity between the many city managers ... that have worked for the city,” he said.

Rubino explained that treasure is not a policy making position. 

“They oversee the the city’s finances through the budgets and audits the city performs, for the citizens of the city,” he said. “Treasurer can provide answers and research to citizens about the status of the city’s budgets and audits, as well as explain where and how monies have been allocated. They also check on city accounts, investments and savings.”

Rubino said he has been following Dunsmuir’s finances for a decade. As a council member, he sat on the city’s finance committee. Since then, Rubino has been involved in budget discussions and audit reviews, he said.

Q: What are your main goals if (re) elected?

A: Protecting city’s solvency, disseminating information to staff, council, and public.

Q: Do you have any ideas to increase economic development in the City of Dunsmuir?

A: The City of Dunsmuir is a very pro business, planning friendly place to open a business. 

The city itself has limited funds and many citizen priorities to fund, but the city can leverage CDBG funds and use its revolving loan funds to help business.  I would press council to stop placing revolving loan proceeds into city general fund budgets and start accruing funds for business growth, CDBG promotions.

Q: In what ways could the city council support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many of the businesses in Dunsmuir, with council’s help and on their own, are doing well during the COVID-19 outbreak.  City revenues have held strong.  I foresee more issues in the future after the outbreak and believe we must remain vigilant for trends.

Q: Do you support the 1.5 cent sales tax to help Dunsmuir shore its budget, or do you have other ideas to do so?

A: I have come out against this tax. The city needs the money to support basic services but council’s procedures in deciding how much to tax, how it is to be raised, and where that money will be spent is flawed. I have come out against the tax until council does the real work of deciding what must be funded and how much money is really required and the best way to do that without adversely affecting the city’s businesses.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue that is currently facing Dunsmuir?

A: Making sure council sufficiently funds our police and fire departments. Seeing that they fund basic services, making sure staff and council are dealing with a sewer rate hike that is underperforming. Making sure the City of Dunsmuir correctly administrates millions (of dollars in) grants.

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in Dunsmuir?

A: Dunsmuir has the best water on earth, best restaurants in the county, and most importantly, some of the best people on the planet.

Editor’s note: A profile of  candidate Dena Marlatt will appear in a future edition of the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers.