Man who smeared feces on doors of Yreka Raley's, threatened manager sentenced to prison

Bill Choy
Siskiyou Daily News

A man was sentenced Tuesday to four years in state prison for three different incidents that occurred over the span of about a month earlier this year, including verbal assault, smearing feces on the doors of the Yreka Raley's, and slashing tires in the JCPenney parking lot.

James Moore

James Ray Moore, 51 of Yreka, is accused of verbally assaulting the manager of Raley's in Yreka on May 30, after he ran a cart he was pulling with his bike into a sign in front of the store, resulting in him nearly hitting a customer.

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus said early the next morning, Moore returned to Raley’s when it was closed and vandalized the door by smearing a foul-smelling substance that appeared to be feces on the door, windows, and keyhole. 

 Andrus said Moore is seen on surveillance video "(using) the brown substance to imprint curse words on the door."  

 On June 1, Moore was arrested for striking a woman and threatening her and her companion with a knife in the parking lot of the former Grandma's House restaurant in Yreka, Andrus said. 

After that incident, Moore was arrested by the Yreka Police Department and taken to the Siskiyou County Jail, where he stayed until June 7, when he suffered a medical problem and was released to the hospital for treatment. Andrus said he was transferred to another facility and eventually released.

Moore was involved in a third incident on June 29 when he threatened a Yreka man with a knife in the JCPenney parking lot and slashed two of his tires.

The Yreka Police Department again arrested Moore for this incident and on a bench warrant for failure to appear for his original court date, Andrus said.

On July 14, Moore pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and assault by force for the June 1 incident. He also pled guilty to the vandalism at Raley’s and threatening the Yreka man on June 29.

Andrus said the assault charge was a strike, meaning that any future felonies would have their maximum sentence doubled.