Man sleeps, defecates on McCloud Elementary School roof

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald

McCloud Elementary School is asking the community to be on the lookout for a man who has been squatting near both the elementary and high school campuses. 

The man, according to an Aug. 26 Facebook post from McCloud Elementary School, allegedly arrived at the school that morning around 3 a.m., according to camera footage. 

A still from security footage from McCloud Elementary School shows a man who is thought to have been sleeping on the roof.

“In addition to smoking a cigarette in our outdoor eating area and sleeping on the roof, he also defecated on the roof and used a doll’s innards to wipe ... he left the doll parts behind,” said principal/superintendent Shelley Cain. The evidence was found later by the school’s custodian and maintenance supervisor, Steven Ramos. The doll, which was likely thrown on the roof by a student, appeared to have been cut open with a knife.

Ramos was at the school campus early in the morning, Cain said. He heard a commotion on the roof and when he looked at the security camera he saw a man on the roof looking over the edge.

"The man had apparently heard our cafeteria manager arrive and was looking to get off the roof before he was noticed," said Cain. "Steven tracked his location and quickly went to the door just as the man jumped from the roof. Steven confronted the man about what he was doing and the man responded in a threatening manner," Cain said. Ramos then contacted local law enforcement. 

The school asks those who may see the man around town to notify local law enforcement. 

“Our first priority is the safety of our students and staff. The community’s help in locating this person/or providing law enforcement information about him would be appreciated,” stated the release. 

The goal, Cain said, is to "have law enforcement make contact with the man to issue a 'no trespass' so we can call if he violates it ... Making the community aware of his presence is one small way we can monitor his whereabouts. McCloud is very protective of its community and children, so I have no doubt people here will keep an eye out for us." 

The man has been described with having long, curly black hair, black facial hair including a beard and mustache. He was wearing a red t-shirt and khaki shorts.