Candidate Mazzoni aims to serve community on Weed’s city council

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald
Mark Mazzoni

Weed native Mark Mazzoni said being an active part of the community is important to him, and now he’s aiming to win a seat on the Weed City Council on Nov. 3.

After witnessing the Boles Fire tragedy, Mazzoni said he saw the community pull together to “get through it.” 

“This was before my retirement in 2016 and I watched our people work together after losing everything that they had,” Mazzoni said. 

He watched as the community helped their neighbors, and volunteered many hours to help those in need. “That showed me the spirit of Weed and the citizens of our great community,” he said.

“My goal is to continue my service to the community and serve on the city council. My goal is to listen to the citizens of Weed, hear their ideas and what they value so that they can be a part of their own community.”

Mazzoni and his wife, Mary have been married for 34 years and have raised two daughters, Jeannette and Melanie.

“It goes without saying that we live in one of the most beautiful areas in California,” Mazzoni said. “The air is fresh, the scenery is unmatched, and the members of the community are like family.”

Over the years, Mazzoni coached youth baseball and softball, and has also been the baseball coach at Weed High School. “Being an active part of my community has always been important to me," said Mazzoni. "It’s truly a pleasure to give back in any way that I can.”

Q&A with the candidate

Mazzoni answered a series of questions via email.

Q: What are your main goals if elected?

A: Weed is my home, it’s where I have spent most of my life and I am proud local. I want to see our town and our community members thrive and we can work together to do that. I know we have the capability and potential to make that happen. One thing about living and working in such a small community is that I have the knowledge and years of experience to know what change is needed. I retired after spending 17 years employed with the City of Weed and have worked hand in hand with county, state, and federal government officials throughout my career. Having served on the Recreation Board for 3 terms I ended my final term as Chairman and am currently serving on the Planning Commission as Vice Chair. Building rapport with community members, business owners, and government agencies is just a small glimpse of the experience I can offer. If elected, my goal would be to grow our town in a positive direction.

Q: Do you have any ideas to increase economic development in Weed?

A: Economic development is something that I have and will always encourage in Weed. I have seen our town grow by brining in businesses such as Love’s, Grocery Outlet, Starbucks, and other businesses on the south end of Weed. The potential is there, we have enough room to bring in companies and jobs that could employ a large scale of people. Call centers, distribution centers, and restaurants are just some ideas that would be a great market for our community and its members.

Addressing the pressing issue of cannabis and dispensaries within the community; I want to make it clear that I support what has already been approved and developed. However; I am just not willing to put all my eggs into a basket that has no bottom. Taking the prime commercial property development for a project that could take decades to even develop is not productive business. Did our previous administration put forth the effort to find other interested businesses or were they content with taking the chance on the development of cannabis?

Q: In what ways could the city council support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: COVID-19 has been hard on everyone, it has affected everyone’s life in some way. As a community that has faced tragedy together before, we can do it again. I think supporting small and local businesses is vital to get through this. I do not agree with increasing the taxes which would hurt those businesses. I believe we should continue to follow the county and state guidelines such as social distancing and mask requirements, as proven to be effective by the CDC. My motto is “Keep it Local;” we should support each other and do what we can to keep that support within our local businesses. 

Q: Do you support the .25% cent sales tax proposed in Measure M to help Weed shore its budget, or do you have other ideas to do so?

A: After doing more research on Measure M and with COVID-19 pandemic, I do not agree with this tax increase at this time. This was not intended to disperse through the city, when this was presented to the board it was solely for the Community Center and the two local cemeteries. I was very aware of how this was presented to us and that is not how I understood it to be and it should not be controlled by the city council. 

Q: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue that is currently facing Weed?

A: Business development and housing are issues that we face within Weed. Creating and developing successful business growth as I talked about earlier is at the top of that list. I bring up housing as an issue for discussion because we need more of it; whether that is single dwelling homes, duplexes, or apartments. Housing will always be in demand, we need to make sure that we are able to house the community members. Cleaning up the housing we currently have is just as essential, living conditions should be kept up whether those homes are owned by local members or those that live outside of our city. 

The water sourcing issue is alarming for our community and I have spoken with some of the current council members about this. I was told that there is something in the works but that was the limited information I was given. I am willing to give them a chance to get this issue resolved but if I am elected that will be one of my priorities. I want to get this settled as it has been a long process and a financial burden to the city and has still not yet been resolved. We need to work with the parties involved and not have the mistrust that has been going on for years. I believe that finding common ground on this issue in effort to alleviate the burden on the taxpayers, they are ultimately the ones suffering from this. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in Weed?

A: I say with great pride, the people. The people that make up this community and the support we all have for one another. I go back to the Boles Fire, I saw a community pull together in a time of tragedy and need, it just reinforces how great it is to live amongst the people of Weed. The views of Mt. Shasta and all that our area offers; the lakes, ski resorts, hiking, and the scenery. How could you not be proud of where we live and the people that make up our community? I am a proud of where I come from and to say I am a Weed native.