A place to remember: garden is in honor of McCloud's Robin Hickman

Skye Kinkade
Mount Shasta Herald
Angie Toreson's friends from her quilting and Bunko groups came together along with family members for the unveiling of a bench and memorial marker made for her daughter, Robin Toreson Hickman, who passed away in May. Many contributed to the garden and have added names of those who passed to a plaque in front of Scout Hall at Hoo Hoo Park in McCloud.

It’s a place to sit, reflect, and remember those who have passed: a new memorial garden in front of Scout Hall at Hoo Hoo Park in McCloud was recently finished by a group of community members in honor of Robin Hickman, who passed away in May.

After losing her daughter, Angie Toreson, with the help of friends from her Bunko and quilting groups began talking about a memorial garden, and they decided to make it a reality.

Led by Bruce and Lynne French, the group worked on the project since June. On any given day, people driving by would see community members bent over weeding, uncovering plants that have overgrown, repairing water lines, and adding bark and landscape fabric.  

The park was originally founded in the early 2000s with a park improvement project grant but fizzled out due to the lack of a park maintenance worker.  

Angie Toreson sits with Lynn French on the memorial bench newly dedicated to Angie's daughter, Robin Toreson Hickman, who died in May.

“This is a way for the district and the community to partner together, said Beth Steele, who was the McCloud Community Services District General Manager at one time.

People have already made donations of plants in the names of their beloved ones that have passed. A memorial plaque in front of the Scout Hall, which had only two names on it, now has 16 names.  

The space also includes a memorial bench and a decorated stone with Robin’s name on it.

“It was Lynn’s idea because this is Robin’s home. There has always been a Toreson here in McCloud,” said Angie Toreson during a ceremony unveiling the memorial bench and a plaque nest to a donated ornamental cherry tree that was planted at the far side of the park.  

A ceremony on Saturday afternoon was attended by more than 50 people.

“Donations will help to finish adding bark around the Scout Hall,” said Lynn French. Those who make donations can have a name added to the memorial plaque.

To find out more or to make a donation, go to the McCloud Community Services District Office located at 220 W. Minnesota Avenue in McCloud.

A plaque honoring McCloud's Robin Hickman has been placed at a new memorial garden.