Canines enjoyed a dip at the Dotty Olson Community Pool

Bill Choy
Siskiyou Daily News
Dogs enjoy a dip at the community pool in Etna.

Canine lab mixes Wellington and Mogli gave big happy smiles as they swam at the Dotty Olson Community Pool in Etna on Saturday. The pool ended the season by opening the pool for furry friends to enjoy some water frolicking.

While Mogli loves the water and went around the pool with glee, owner Lizz de Villegas said that Wellington is a more cautious and tentative pup. While he swam a bit, most of the time he just enjoyed dipping his paws into the water.

de Villegas was at the pool with her son Adrien, 9. She said this was their first time taking the dogs to the pool for a dip. Both her sons swim at the pool and when she heard about the dog swim days she thought it would be a perfect adventure for her pups.

"It's definitely a treat for them,"de Villegas said.

Jamie Tarne, a commissioner with the pool and the mayor of Etna said they have done this for a few years and is a great way to end the pool season, which concluded for people in mid-September.

Dogs enjoy a dip at Etna's community pool.

"The dogs and owners really enjoy it, Tarne said, adding it's a positive, fun activity for people to share with their dogs.

Owners were asked to bring dog waste bags and clean up after their pups and make sure they were leashed when out of the water.

Overall, Tarne said people in the Scott Valley were grateful to have the pool open as a positive outlet for community members, from kids to adults, especially during the pandemic.