Parking lot improvements in downtown Yreka

Bill Choy
Siskiyou Daily News
Parking lots in Yreka are getting facelifts.

Two parking lots in Yreka are getting a facelift. 

Advantage Paving began the parking lot projects on Sept. 22. Work was expected to conclude on Tuesday, said Benjamin Miller, maintenance and operations manager for Yreka Public Works.

This included a 99 by 25 foot "dig out" in the parking lot located at 4th and Center streets which were excavated down to 9 inches. This excavation was then filled back and compacted with 6 inches of base rock and three inches of hot mix asphalt, bringing it back to grade. 

Miller said Advantage Paving then performed a leveling course of hot mix asphalt over this entire parking lot, which has the purpose of both improving structural integrity and minimizing low spots that hold water.

Failed and uneven portions of the parking lot at 3rd and North streets were also leveled with hot mix asphalt, Miller said.

Both parking lots then received a double chip seal. Miller said on Friday the final fog seal was set to take place on Tuesday.

He said a lot of wear and tear had taken place at both lots, and repairs were certainly needed.

"I'm excited seeing this project come together," Miller said, adding the repairs should last several years.

He added that the city and county also did repair work earlier this year on the parking lot located begin Ming's in downtown Yreka.