Biden v. Trump: How did Siskiyou County voters decide?

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald

While California overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden for president over Donald Trump, Siskiyou County is seeing red. According to Siskiyou County Clerk Laura Bynum's third election update Wednesday morning, 54.1% of Siskiyou County voters cast their ballots in favor of reelecting President Donald Trump, with Biden garnering 43.9% of the vote so far.

According to early voting results, 62% of Siskiyou County's 29,000 registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

Siskiyou County election 2020 results

U.S. Representative

Doug LaMalfa appears to have beat Democrat Audrey Denney in the race to represent District 1 in U.S. Congress with 55% of the vote. Barring a major change, LaMalfa is on track to serve his fifth consecutive term in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

In Siskiyou County, LaMalfa secured 53.82% of the early vote. Denney has received 46.18%. 

State Senator and Assembly

Both Brian and Megan Dahle are ahead in the polls in their race for State Senate and Dist. 1 Assembly. District wide, Brian Dahle has a 56.9% lead over Democrat Pamela Swartz.

Swartz said Tuesday night that if she loses Tuesday's election she plans to run again in four years because she believes Brian Dahle has turned his back on residents of his district.

Siskiyou County voters also favored Brian Dahle, who has secured 57.73% of the early vote.

Megan Dahle is leading in Siskiyou County with 55.71% over Elizabeth Betancourt, 44.29% in the race for Dist. 1 Assembly.

District wide, Betancourt is trailing with 42.4%, Dahle has received 57.6% of the vote.

While Betancourt was losing by more than 10 percentage points late Tuesday night, she was not ready to concede the race. Even if she does lose the race, the Happy Valley resident said she felt like she made progress over her campaign against Megan Dahle in 2019. "This is still an improvement over where we were last year, so small steps. Certainly I would love to see a win and a change in leadership in District 1, but we have many more ballots to get through," she said after 10 p.m.

Matt Brannon and Damon Arthur of the Redding Record Searchlight contributed to this report.