California adds 6,518 COVID cases; highest one-day total since August; nears 1 million mark

Staff reports

California reported 6,518 new coronavirus cases on Friday, the highest one-day total in more than two months. 

The state also added 51 virus-related deaths Friday, bringing the Golden State's COVID-19 numbers to a total of 951,094 cases and 17,866 virus-related deaths. 

Friday's increase marked the largest one-day increase in the state since Aug. 22, which saw a 6,777 increase in COVID-19 cases, according to the state dashboard. 

At this rate, California is likely to surpass 1 million COVID-19 cases by mid-November. The state, the most populous in the country, has about 40 million people.

Pedestrians wear masks as they cross a street amid the coronavirus pandemic in Santa Monica, California.

California still not seeing dramatic rise in cases as other states have

While new daily cases have been climbing in California, the state is still not seeing the high volume of cases it registered in July and August, where some days it added more than 12,000 new cases.

California has also not seen the dramatic increases in COVID-19 cases being experienced in many parts of the country this fall, but the pace of spread is rising again. On Thursday, the U.S. recorded a one-day record for new COVID-19 cases, with 121,888 reported.

Maine, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado are among the states seeing the strongest surges over the past 14 days. 

Texas, with 29 million people, is still reporting more cases and deaths than the Golden State. At least 970,032 people have been reported to have COVID-19 in Texas and 18,922 have died.

In New York, with about half as many people as California, at least 518,812 people have been reported to have COVID-19, but it's been much more deadly: 33,664 have died.

At least 832,625 people have been reported to have COVID-19 in Florida, which is slightly more populous than New York. At least 17,014 people there have died.

Golden State positivity rates increasing

In mid-October, California's 7-day positivity rate was 2.6% and the 14-day positivity rate was 2.5%. On Friday, those numbers had risen to 3.6% for the 7-day rate and 3.4% for the 14-day rate.

Latinos continue to be disproportionately affected: While 39% of the state's population is Latino, 61% of all cases and 49% of deaths statewide are among that ethnic group. 

The vast majority of deaths — 74%, or 13,188 — are among people 65 and older, though that age group accounts for only 11% of total cases in the Golden State.

While men and women seem to be contracting COVID-19 at equal rates, 57% of deaths have been among men, the state dashboard shows.