Driver destroys fence at McCloud Cemetery

Shareen Strauss
A truck took out a section of fence at the McCloud Cemetery on Dec. 29, 2020.

McCloud Cemetery Association volunteers were busy picking up the pieces last Wednesday morning after a vehicle wiped out the fence to the north McCloud Cemetery the evening before.

About 5:30 p.m. on December 29, a newer model black Ford pickup truck left the roadway on Squaw Valley Road and ran through the fence line to the upper cemetery lot. It took out 111 feet of the vinyl fence that was installed in 2006. 

While no damage was done to any of the plots, the truck drove over a wooden flower bed, causing damage to the vehicle which leaked oil as it drove back on the road and left the scene. 

McCloud Cemetery Association President Milt Shrader stands over recovered parts of the cemetery fence as he holds pieces to the black Ford truck that crashed through the fence on Dec. 29. He said, "They left half the truck here." The vehicle and the driver have not yet been found.

Volunteers picked up the fencing and truck debris that was scattered over 60 feet in both directions.  

“We don’t know if the suspect hit an icy spot or just failed to negotiate the curve at a high rate of speed,” said Brad Eslinger, who helped clean up and secure the grounds.

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Tire tracks in the snow show where the truck exited and reentered the roadway at each end of the fence line. CHP is currently looking for the vehicle that left the scene at the time of the crash.  

McCloud Cemetery Association President Milt Shrader said that the fence is not salvageable and the Association does not have insurance to cover the damage.  

To help with restorations or donations, contact Shrader at (530) 964-2728.