Siskiyou unemployment jumps to 10.7% in December

Mount Shasta Herald

Siskiyou County’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.7% in December, up from 7.3% in November.

Most notably, jobs were lost in the farming industry, according to information released Friday by the state’s Employment Development Department. Whether it’s related to the time of year or the COVID-19 pandemic, leisure and hospitality jobs were lost, along with government jobs and a smattering of other business sectors.

Every industry has been impacted since December 2020, except for education and health services, federal and state government, according to EDD statistics, when the jobless rate was 6.3%.

Of Siskiyou County’s civilian labor force of 15,160, 1,620 were unemployed last month, the EDD reported.

Siskiyou County is now ranked 48th out of California’s 58 counties in terms of unemployment. Marin County has the lowest jobless rate of 5.5%; Imperial returns to the bottom of the list with 17.7% unemployment.

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Statewide, the unemployment rate rose almost one percentage point to 9% in December as the state’s employers lost 52,200 jobs, according to the EDD. This comes after the state saw a job gain in November of 5,200 jobs. 

Despite December’s losses, California has regained more than 44% of the 2,615,800 nonfarm jobs that were lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March and April, the EDD said in a press release.

California’s labor market, by the numbers 

• California’s month-over unemployment rate increased from 8.1% in November to 9% in December, marking the state’s first month-over rate increase since April 2020.

• Despite the decline, six of California’s 11 industry sectors saw job gains last month. Construction had the state’s largest month-over increase (+31,600) thanks to strong gains in Specialty Trade Contractors and Construction of Buildings, the EDD said.

• Professional and Business Services had the state’s second-largest month-over increase (+29,600) due to large gains in Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Bookkeeping, as well as Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting.

• Statewide, Leisure and Hospitality suffered the largest month-over loss (-117,000) largely due to severe losses in Accommodation and Food Services, which accounted for 83.2% of the industry sector’s overall loss.