City of Yreka now accepts plastic for more services

Bill Choy
Mount Shasta Herald

Those that need to pay for things with the City of Yreka can now do so by credit card, including by phone. 

In January, the city expanded its payment methods. 

Rhetta Hogan, Finance and Administrative Services Director for the city said previously, Yreka was limited in its credit card agreement to only take credit cards for utility bills. The city council recently gave permission to enter into an additional cardholder services contract for all other credit card payments. Because the merchant fee rates are different for utilities (deeply discounted) versus all other transactions (full fees to merchant), Hogan said the council wanted to recover the merchant fees from the card users. 

“The city is very pleased that businesses, dog owners, builders and developers, can now pay their fees via Visa or Mastercard,” she said. Hogan said that there is a convenience fee surcharge of $2 for transactions under $100, and $1 more per $100 for everything $100 or greater. 

Yreka's flag

People can now call in to pay or come in to pay. 

“Once the office has been running smoothly, we hope to expand the card services to other department, (such as the) Yreka Police Department in the near future,” Hogan said. 

In April of 2020, the city migrated its financial and transactional software to a cloud environment. This migration opened up the City of Yreka's opportunity to have iPad pay stations that could allow staff to process all types of credit card payments at the counter and over the phone for all other transaction's utility payments through the city’s cash receipt module. These transactions include dog licenses, business licenses, building fees, encroachment permits, and all cash receipt transactions. 

City manager Steve Baker is glad people can now pay more bills by credit card and be able to now make payments by phone, especially during a pandemic, where many people want to limit going out. 

“This gives people another option to pay bills that we didn't have in the past,” he said. 

Hogan said the response from people, especially those that can call and pay by phone, has been positive. 

“Those that call, of course, are thrilled to be able to complete the transaction conveniently from their home,” she said.