Meet Yreka's new City Clerk Arthur Boyd

Bill Choy
Mount Shasta Herald

The city of Yreka has a new City Clerk. Arthur Boyd was appointed to the position by the Yreka City Council at its meeting held December 17.

Arthur Boyd.

Boyd takes over for Liz Casson, who held the job for more than 20 years and still works for the city in administration. Previously, the city clerk post was an elected one, but a ballot measure passed in November's election to moved the City Clerk position from elected to appointed.

Boyd answered a few questions about becoming City Clerk and told us a bit about himself and his goals.

How has the experience been so far being in this new position?

My new position as City Clerk has been great so far. I am enjoying the challenges, meeting new people, interfacing with the public more, and working to help improve the city of Yreka. Everyone has been absolutely wonderful, and it has been a delight to work here. I am looking forward to many more years serving the community.

Can you tell me what your job entails and what you enjoy about it?

As City Clerk, I am a liaison between the public and City Council. I do multiple municipal services such as preparing and disseminating agendas for Council meetings. I am the one behind the scenes ensuring the Zoom video is up and running during those meetings, as well as taking minutes to ensure that projects are accomplished by city staff. One of the things I love about my position as City Clerk is that it is rather broad and allows me to actively engage in meaningful ways to improve the city. Perhaps my favorite part is meeting residents of Yreka.

I know you also do other duties with the city. Can you tell me a bit about that?

As a Municipal Project Manager for the Department of Public Works, all of those duties have followed me during my transition to City Clerk. Some of these include continuing to work on funding for projects through grants and evaluating programs.

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how you came to work for the city? 

I previously worked for both Siskiyou and Shasta counties as a civil servant. There I was working to find and fund recycling solutions. After working at the Black Butte Transfer Station for over seven years, I entirely subscribe to the ideals of creating a sustainable community. I was also lucky enough to be able to focus on environmental health.

Anything else you would like to add?

It has been wonderful for me to step into this new role as City Clerk. I continuously strive to personally grow and to improve our community through my work and volunteer opportunities. This position as City Clerk helps me work towards these goals. It is a joy working for the City of Yreka and I want to strengthen our municipality – which my kids and the children of this community will one day inherit.