College of the Siskiyous president Stephen Schoonmaker resigns

Mike Meyer
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker has submitted his resignation as president and superintendent of the College of the Siskiyous. Schoonmaker has been at the college for the past three years. His last day is Feb. 28. 

College of the Siskiyous Superintendent and President Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker

The resignation was announced during a special meeting of the COS Board of Trustees on Feb. 10, after the board met in closed session.

The board unanimously appointed interim co-presidents –  Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Char Perlas and Vice President of Administrative Services Darlene Melby.

Perlas and Melby will serve together until June 30. Then Perlas will assume full interim duties for one year, according to the president of the board of trustees, Barry Ohlund. 

In a followup interview on Friday, Ohlund praised Perlas’ transparency with the college and faculty. 

Dr. Char Perlas, left, and Darlene Melby will serve as co-presidents for College of the Siskiyous until June 30 after the resignation of Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker on Feb. 10, 2021.

“I think together they have great potential to bring the college together, in harmony,” Ohlund said. “Dr. Perlas is incredibly intelligent, she has a high energy level and is excellent at communication.

“Darlene (Melby) has a great deal of experience,” Ohlund continued. “She handles things, gets things done and done right, with the petal to the metal. Dr. Perlas will depend on her to help run the college the remainder of the semester.”

The COS board of trustees will meet again for its scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 16, via Zoom.