Former police chief appointed to Weed Planning Commission

Mike Meyer
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

After 44 years working for the City of Weed, 32 of which Martin Nicholas spent as the chief of police, one might expect that was enough. But it wasn't. 

Last month he applied to fill a vacancy on the Weed Planning Commission, and Thursday night the city council appointed Nicholas to the commission.

Martin Nicholas

Nicholas will fill the seat formerly held by Tony Aquila. The seat had been vacant since last October. 

“I’ve always had an interest in the city's economic progress, so with retirement I thought it would be a good idea to lend a hand on the commission,” Nicholas said Friday.

Nicholas joins Monica Zinda, Mark Mazzoni, Brian Palmer and Darrell Parham on the commission.

Though he has no direct planning experience, Nicholas’ background as police chief made him aware of planning issues and changing times in Weed over the years.

“As chief I was responsible for reviewing building and growth policies and plans that came through the city for how it would affect public safety,” he said.

Nicholas said he will be learning a new role and approaching issues from a different perspective.

“It’s more of an interest at this point. I'll take the opportunity to see what's happened over the past year or two to get my feet on the ground, see what I can do to help.

“I'm not sure of all the issues facing city at the moment, but I'm ready to learn,” Nicholas said.

The city council appointed Nicholas unanimously.