Bears Harkness, Howell, Kennedy slide to first place finishes at high school Alpine event

Bill Choy
Mount Shasta Herald
JT Kennedy of Mount Shasta.

The Mount Shasta High School Ski and Snowboard team racked up the accolades at Tuesday's alpine race held at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Brice Harkness was first in men’s ski, while Angelina Howell was first in women’s snowboard. JT Kennedy was first in men’s snowboard. Madeline Towner placed third in women’s ski, and Zach Hoskins was second in men’s ski. 

Brice Harkness of Mount Shasta.

This was the second event in the 2021 High School Alpine race season. The schools competing besides MSHS  were Enterprise High School, Foothill High School, Red Bluff High School, Shasta High School, and U-Prep High School. A total of 99 athletes competed in women’s ski slalom, mens ski slalom, women’s snowboard giant slalom, and mens snowboard giant slalom. 

The event was live streamed on the Shasta High School Alpine Race Team Facebook page since no spectators are allowed at the high school races due to COVID-19 restrictions. The next event is Friday. Shasta High plans to live stream the snowboard races beginning at 10 a.m., and the ski races beginning at 1 p.m. 

The race Tuesday saw a change in the overall division lead from Red Bluff to Shasta High School. Top schools gather around 500-600 points per event, and Red Bluff’s narrow, 24-point lead was reversed by a nearly 50 point gain by Shasta. In men’s snowboard, Shasta captured six out of the top 10 finishers. 

Madeline Towner of Mount Shasta

Top three finishers in each event

Women's Ski 

1st - Mathilda Karlsson of Foothill @ 1:56.51 

2nd - Sydnie Williams of Foothill @ 1:58.84 

3rd - Madeline Towner of Mount Shasta @ 2:22.33 

Men's Ski 

1st - Brice Harkness of Mount Shasta @ 1:51.25 

2nd - Zach Hoskins of Mount Shasta  @ 2:09.07 

3rd - Cooper Laloli of Foothill @ 2:10.58 

Women's Snowboard 

1st - Angelina Howell of Mount Shasta @ 1:28.82 

2nd - Reina Smith of Shasta @ 1:34.54 

3rd - Macey Grissom of Red Bluff @ 1:34.62 

Men's Snowboard 

1st - JT Kennedy of Mount Shasta @ 1:17.23 

2nd - Trey Guillory of Shasta @ 1:18.10 

3rd - Lucas Scott of Shasta @ 1:20.15