McCloud’s 50th annual Flea Market: treasure, treasure everywhere

Shareen Strauss
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

The town of McCloud was teeming with people over the weekend looking for great deals at the town's 50th Annual Flea Market and the town-wide yard sales.

Everyone got in on the fun, even the McCloud Volunteer Fire Department, which hosted a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning feeding 280 people. The Axe and Rose donated their kitchen, patio, and garden area for the fundraising breakfast that goes towards supporting the fire department. 

Even though there were less vendors at this year's flea market on Sunday, there was still just as much to see and buy as most of the 45 vendors paid for numerous spaces to sell their wares. Regulars that have been coming to the market for years confirmed McCloud Flea Market's reputation, saying it is in this small town that they do their biggest sales. 

While Cameron Collord, Sean Feil and Hunter Snure compare old collectible items they found at the McCloud Flea Market on Sunday, Feil says, " "My best find today was a Coby Bryant jersey while looking for old army artifacts."

Comments from the buyers indicate that they find the best deals on antiques, jewelry, collectables, yard art, toys, plants, and those hard-to-find specialty items at the annual event.

Lin Kessler came with her husband John from Mount Shasta to just see what they could find. 

"Our mission is to just get out of the house and see old McCloud friends that we haven't seen through this pandemic,” said Lin. “I have wanted to  buy a dress at Shasta Reflexions in the Merc. My husband ... found some skinny ties to wear for his performances with the band. We never know what we will find."

People came prepared towing trailers behind their vehicles that slowly got filled up as the day progressed. Others pulled carts that they filled as they shopped for good deals. 

Talking about good deals, at many of the yard sales there were lots of free items throughout the streets in McCloud as residents cleaned out their houses after being homebound during the last two years and wanting to get rid of their "junk," which others saw as treasures. 

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"We are so glad this is happening this year,” said John Garcia from Fall River. “We sure missed it last year. We found this wiener dog statue that looks like our little doxie at home. We are looking for yard art. We have been coming here annually for years." 

Jamie Meredith was looking for more antique artwork for the walls in her shop, Olde Tyme Tattoos in Dunsmuir. 

Larry Burdett from Weed said he was eyeing some handmade knives that a vendor was selling.

Sean Feil with his friends from Mount Shasta said, "My best find today was a Kobe Bryant jersey while looking for old army artifacts."

John Crisp of Anderson was on a mission seeking out Hot Wheels to add to his collection.

Vendor Jewell Totherow from Anderson buys out estates and sells the items at flea markets. She says, "We always do really well here. This is the best show in California. I can't beat what I do here in a day."

Kendra McPeek is a chain maille artisan. She added to her Dark Mount Maille booth selling break-resistant rubber and aluminum clothes.

"I have done really well today," said Judy Silva at her Judy's Artful Treasures booth. "But what is really amazing is the people I bump into here. People come from all over for this flea market because it has a great reputation."

Cases of free bottled water were donated by Crystal Geyser  and they came in handy to stabilize canopies when the afternoon breezes came up. 

Jacob Carter from Mount Shasta boasted the treasures he found: brass finial, a Chinese brass bowl from the 1800s and a mid-century plate.

At a yard sale, McCloud resident Kathy Mora was handing out free items from her yard sale into the windows of passing cars because she said that she didn't want any leftovers. 

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The McCloud Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the flea market and last week's successful Mushroom Farmers' Market is feeling relief that they’ll be able to host events again.

Though the chamber is still struggling with no income from the lack of a beverage booth, it has high hopes for the tourist town of McCloud to rise above the pandemic whole again. 

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