90 years young: Mount Shasta man jumps into 10th decade with leap from Wagon Creek Bridge

Tim Holt
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers
Don Berry, center, celebrated his upcoming 90th birthday with a celebratory jump. He’s flanked by two younger men who aided him as he paddled to Lake Siskiyou’s shore.

In his younger days, when he was still in his early 80s, Mount Shasta’s Don Berry liked to make the 30-foot jump off the Wagon Creek Bridge into Lake Siskiyou – until a deputy sheriff showed up at his front door one day and politely asked  him to stop doing it because he was “setting a bad example for the teenagers.”

After all, it can be kind of dangerous, depending on the water level in the lake. And it's technically illegal.

Mount Shasta's Don Berry climbs over the railing at Wagon Creek Bridge over Lake Siskiyou in preparation for a jump in celebration of his 90th birthday.

But Berry, after a long hiatus, was back at it last week, jumping off the bridge in an early celebration of his 90th birthday. As with his previous jumps, he was careful to take out his false teeth before making the plunge. The former U.S. Navy diver was joined by two young men who jumped with him and aided him as he paddled to the shore.

All in all, it was a great way to usher in Berry's 10th decade on the planet. And, just in case anyone is worried, there were no teenagers around to witness the event.

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