Two longtime fixtures on Mount Shasta City staff are leaving soon. Who are they?

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald

After 17 years on the job, Mount Shasta Public Works Director Rod Bryan is leaving the city in September to work at PACE Engineering, Inc. Also making plans for an exit is longtime Mount Shasta Fire Department Chief Matt Melo, who says he'll retire in November.

Mount Shasta Public Works Director Rod Bryan

Bryan said he's "extremely grateful to have served this city, community and city council over the years," and that he has appreciated staff support, department support, and the support of city council. "I am proud of the crew that Dave Torres and I built and we have been fortunate in hiring good workers with the right ethic and attitude," Bryan told the council at their unusually short meeting on Monday.

Councilors voted to continue three agenda items related to the fire department and a sales tax initiative to their next regular meeting on July 26.

As public works director, Bryan oversaw and implemented countless projects and capital improvements for Mount Shasta. He will be taking an engineering technician position with PACE, which has been under contract with the city for years. 

"We will miss you," said councilor Tessa Montgomery. "You've pretty much been around for my whole career at (Aiello Goodrich & Teuscher) and when I was auditing the city. You are very good at what you do and it doesn't surprise me that PACE is ecstatic to have you."

Councilor Tim Stearns said PACE is "hiring a good man."

Mount Shasta Fire Chief Matt Melo

Talk to the source about fire concerns

Melo provided an update regarding the Lava Fire, which is now more than 70% contained, but continues to producing smoke from inside containment lines. He said the Bradley Fire, which started Sunday afternoon in the forest area outside of McCloud is nearly contained. 

Melo noted that social media has been "blowing up" regarding fire activity. He said a lot of information related to the fires was false or hearsay. He suggested that anyone with fire concerns contact the department for official updates.

Fire chief assures council outdoor seating areas are allowed

Mount Shasta citizen Therese Swenson submitted a letter stating her concern that outdoor seating areas on Mt. Shasta Boulevard are fire hazards. She said allowing them is a form of bias and suggested moving the seating areas to Castle Street or somewhere less populated in case mass evacuation was necessary. 

Fire chief Melo assured the council there is no violation due to the outside seating areas at Pipeline Craft Taps & Kitchen and Sparky's Landing.

Swenson said Melo wouldn't discuss the issue with her. Melo clarified that he is "not going to argue with anyone" regarding an issue that is not in violation of the current fire code. "They are legal to be there," said Melo.