McCloud CSD general manager fights for COLA salary increase

Shareen Strauss
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

McCloud Community Services District General Manager Amos McAbier is asking for a cost of living salary increase that he says is "spelled out in his contract."

McCloud Community Services District General Manager Amos McAbier at a July 26, 2021 board of directors meeting.

At the MCSD's July 26 meeting, board member Raymond Zanni made a motion for McAbier to receive a COLA increase, but the motion failed when board members Christine Richey and Mike Rorke cast "no" votes. They explained they preferred if the increase was not retroactive.

The MCSD board approved COLA increases last year for the rest of the staff.

"For two years I have asked the board president Cathy Young (who was not present at the July 26 meeting) to address the fact that I have not received a cost of living increase for the last two years," McAbier said. "The rest of the staff got theirs. It is spelled out in my contract that I get the same cost of living increase as the rest of the employees. It is a violation of their policy." 

McAbier pointed to a section in his employment draft that states on July 1 of each year, he shall be entitled to a cost of living salary increase if it is afforded to other regular employees.

The McCloud Community Services District Board meeting on July 26, 2021.

Regular meetings of the MCSD boar of directors are held publicly on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Scout Hall, 405 E. Colombero Drive. Agendas can be found at