Lake Siskiyou Trail: new maps and kiosks help you know where to go

Contributed by John Harch and Paul Schwartz
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers
The Mount Shasta Trail Association board stands next to one of the completed kiosks at the Lake Siskiyou Trail.

The Lake Siskiyou Trail winds around one of the recreational jewels of South Siskiyou County. It is 6.7 miles in length, and when several alternative routes and the Box Canyon Trail are added, a scenic nine-mile trail system is created.

Although many locals know their way around the lake, two kiosks have displayed maps to direct hikers and bikers on their journeys. These maps have slowly deteriorated and become outdated.

A map of the Lake Siskiyou Trail.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association recognized the problem over a year ago and decided to correct it. MSTA board member Paul Schwartz enlisted Mark Telegin, volunteer extraordinaire, to engineer, construct, and install three new kiosks. MSTA hired Dave LaPlante to design and fabricate durable, weather-resistant maps identifying five trailheads and five trail segments. County officials were consulted during the process and county workers drilled the holes for installation.

The mileage for each trail segment is clearly shown and “you are here” labels have been added. The original kiosks are located at the Cable Beach and Chalet (across from the tennis courts) Trailheads, while the new kiosks have been placed at the Box Canyon Dam parking area, Spini Point parking area, and the North Shore Trailhead.

Through general fund allocation and fundraising efforts, the Mount Shasta Trail Association (MSTA) spent about $6,000 to complete this project. The board of MSTA encourages everyone to visit the kiosks and enjoy the trails.

Other people/groups who contributed include Tom Hesseldenz, Jason Ledbetter- Siskiyou County from the General Services Department and Shasta Lily Guild.