Siskiyou County radio station KSYC-FM 103.9 ceases operations

Bill Choy
Siskiyou Daily News

A Siskiyou County radio station signed off for good Thursday.  

Radio station KSYC-FM 103.9, Wild Country, based in Yreka, announced on the air Thursday that it would cease operations at the end of the day.  

It was announced on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021 that radio station 103.9 FM Wild Country based in Yreka would cease operations at the end of the day.

The station has been operated for 10 years by Buffalo Broadcasting LLC., which is owned by Mark and Cyndi Baird, who live in Siskiyou County in the Scott Valley.  

On Friday, Mark Baird said a variety of factors contributed to the move. One reason is they were ready to retire from the radio business. Mark is 69 and his wife is in her 60s. Another factor was the loss of revenue due to companies not advertising with them since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020.  

He voiced his frustration with the state and federal government over the health guidelines that were implemented. Some businesses struggled with the restrictions and it contributed to economic troubles, he said.

“Everything has an ending, and you have to do what you have to do,” he said. “It was time to retire and to move on and start new endeavors. We’re excited about it.”  

This is the second radio station owned by Buffalo Broadcasting to shut down this year. KHWA, Highway 102.3, was an adult hits radio station owned by the Bairds that broadcasted in Siskiyou County. It permanently stopped operating earlier this year due to a lack of ad revenue, he said.  

KSYC-FM had around five employees, Baird said. He plans to sell the radio station property on Lawrence Lane in Yreka.

He said that the building can be re-purposed into a different type of business.

Baird said he is in negotiations to sell the station's broadcast license but declined to comment since he has not completed a deal.  

Baird and his wife have lived in Siskiyou County for more than 30 years.

"Overall, it was fun,” Baird said about his time running the radio stations. “We love supporting the community.”  

He added while he is retiring from the radio business, he still has not retired completely. Baird has been a pilot for several years and flies air tankers during fire season, which has kept him busy, he said.

Baird is now in Southern California in San Bernardino, being at the ready if a fire strikes. After this fire season is over, he said he would decide if he will do one more season or retire from piloting.