Council won't push Weed school reunification without passion from parents

Mike Meyer
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Weed High School parents who want to move their teenagers' school to a new district with Weed Elementary School were told by the City Council on Thursday night more parents need to show an interest in the effort before the council would support it.

A handful of parents had approached the council last June asking for a resolution that would call for a study of the feasibility of reunifying WHS and Weed Unified Elementary School District by the Siskiyou County Office of Education.

The parents said they were not listened to by the Siskiyou Unified High School District during the pandemic year, 2020-2021, concerning how their kids were taught — in the classroom nor online at home.

They wanted their kids in the classroom. SUHSD is composed of Happy Camp, Weed, Mount Shasta and McCloud high schools.

Passage of a resolution would oblige the education office would to study the effects and costs for reunifying the two schools. Initiating the study this way would also be free to the city and affected school districts.

A second method to initiate the study is by petition, which does cost money, and must be signed by 10% of the voters in the areas where WHS and WUESD students are drawn.

During the Thursday meeting, council members approved the idea of a study, though four of them said there wasn't enough interest in the community for them to act.

"Are there passionate parents out there? If so we haven't seen them here saying what they want," Weed Mayor Susan Tavalero said. "We've had three or four parents who want the study. I would love to see it, but I want it to come from the parents."

"I believe the petition process is the legwork parents need to do. We've had more comments on cats than on our kids," Council Member Ken Palfini said.

Councilmember Bob Hall said: "Apathy exists big time in our community. I think nothing is going to happen unless we make it happen."

Hall made a motion to approve the resolution, but it was not seconded.