Shasta Yama-Support Your Local Musicians

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The 8th Annual Shasta Yama summer outdoor Taiko and music festival on July 28th in Mount Shasta's Shastice Park.his is a rare opportunity for a rural community like Siskiyou County to be able see and experience the full artful experience of Taiko.  While most of us have seen Shasta Taiko perform at many local events “Shasta Yama is an enchanted evening of dance and drumming  steeped in tradition with the contemporary and progressive” sensibilities of founders Russell Baba and Jeanie Mercer. This concert features some of the best Taiko performers in the world.

Taiko literally means 'fat drum' in Japanese and is rooted in the culture. While the “big drums” have been part of religious festivals and ceremonies in Japan the music has worldwide appeal, especially with the inclusion of western influences, like jazz. The Shasta Yama concert will entertain you with the traditional drumming  and performances of sound and strength of the musicians and dancers.  The dancing I’ve seen at past concerts have been delicate and sweet. I always enjoy the entire concert my favorite part watching and hearing Russell playing his saxophone in the sultry unhurried jazzy way he plays, while Jeannie Mercer interprets his riffs on the upright drums and Masato Baba brings it all together on the big drum. This family knows how to make music together and it is a joy to watch them.