Health Tip: Using weight machines

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New Research: Father’s age linked to autism

A new study found that a father's age –– not the mother's, as long assumed –– is linked to the risk for new genetic mutations in children, including autism and schizophrenia, according to AARP. The mother's age has no bearing on the risk for these disorders.

Did You Know?

As of December 2012, Australia will be the first country to sell cigarettes in drab, olive-green packaging without any branding. – World Health Organization

Health Tip: Using weight machines

Weight machines offer a fixed motion system where exercises are guided by the machine, helping target specific muscle groups in a stabilized, controlled environment. Review the instructions and reference the on-product diagram to make sure you're comfortable with the movement. And take the time to adjust the weight machine to fit your body. Most machines will have a seat adjustment or options for moving the arm and leg position.

-- Life Fitness

Number to Know

6 million: Tobacco products will eventually kill up to half of the people who use them, which means nearly 6 million people die each year from using tobacco products. – World Health Organization

Children’s Health: Fractures linked to bone density

In the recent study conducted among 150 African-American children, researchers found that African-American children with forearm fractures are at higher risk of low bone mineral density and vitamin D deficiency compared to African-American children without fractures.  Obesity also may increase the risk of fractures in this population.

-- American Academy of Pediatrics