Bruce Springsteen ‘Return to Jersey’ Link Roundup

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Mount Shasta Herald

It’s worth noting that the stadium website goes out of its way to point out that “Fans should remember….there is NO CURFEW at MetLife Stadium!” So this may finally be the night that this happens.

To get yourself excited for the show, as if you need it, check out the latest and greatest Springsteen weeks from around the Web:

• If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely worth checking out the “Springsteen in the USA Heat Map,” mapping Springsteen’s performances over his entire career via spatial diffusion. Or something.

• Help The Light in Darkness raise money for cancer research — and win a copy of the OOP Springsteen book For You.

• The most disturbing Springsteen-related image you’ll see … well, probably ever.

• Springsteen symposium update: Springsteen “is a priest, and a priest brings people together.”

• Springsteen sings for a soldier in Philly.

• A subtle tribute to a late baseball hero at Wrigley.

• Another home run cover from Bridget of the “Bridget and Bruce” blog — “For You.”

• “Nebraska at 30” – this piece will definitely make you want to listen again to Springsteen’s dark classic.

• Jessica Springsteen doesn’t want us to eat horses. This means you, Chris Christie.

• Psychology Today on Springsteen’s popularity and what progressives can learn from him.

• Washington Post offers the “anatomy of a Springsteen setlist.”

• Nice roundup of Springsteen’s contribution to the movies.

Roy Bittan tells all!

Finally, a big thank-you to Blogness followers @sdavispnra and @sgray_JCSD, who responded to a call from Friend of Blogness Sue C. — she was the woman “Dancing in the Dark” with Bruce at Wrigley Sept. 7. She wanted a photo of her big moment, and these guys came through big-time. See their shots below!