Election bits and pieces

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

For those still digesting last week’s election results, here are a couple that have been little noted, but may have an impact:

– Barack Obama won the Cuban-American vote in Florida, the first Democrat to do that since JFK, at least.  That would clear away the most obvious political barrier to establishing diplomatic relations with Florida.

– California, the birthplace of the taxpayer revolt and the pioneer of dysfunctional government, approved Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax-increase ballot initiative, and is on track to give Democrats super-majorities in both the Senate and Assembly.  Among other things, that means Washington may not be required to bail out California and other states who can’t balance their books.

– The first openly bisexual House member was elected in Arizona. They are still counting provisional ballots there, with Democrats leading in several undecided House races.  Democratic Senate candidate Richard Carmona is said to be reconsidering his concession to Jeff Flake.  More indications Arizona will be a swing state in 2016.

Any under-reported election results still rattling around in your heads?