6 Frugal Ways to Live

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6 Frugal Ways to Live written by Guest Author for BillCutterz Money Saving Blog.

Stretching the dollar as far as it can go is a common practice in many households across the globe. Whether it is out of necessity or habit, tightening the belt can ensure that survival in your home is possible. By saving money on consumables such as food and other household items, you have a better chance of paying utilities and mortgages. Below are some methods you can implement in your home in order to further your financial stability.

1. Foods

There are many ways you can save a great deal of money on foods. First of all, if you qualify for assistance through Social Services, it may not be a bad idea to apply. For out of pocket expenses, buying cheap foods to put together doesn’t have to mean buying items that are unhealthy or nasty tasting. For instance, a family of five can eat dinner for $5. This would entail spaghetti sauce featuring sausage for just under three dollars and two bags of one dollar noodles. Prices may vary depending on the area you live in, but you get the idea.

2. Portion Sizes

Did you know that a can of ravioli is actually meant for two servings? By reducing your portion sizes while eating, you can save money on the amount of food you need to buy as well as promoting health in your lifestyle. There’s no need to over-eat if you don’t need to.

3. Dollar Stores

In nearly every community, there is a dollar store that sells cheap alternatives to name brand goods. In many cases, these alternatives work just as well as the name branded items. Items such as dishes, soaps, cooking utensils and more can be bought for a great deal less than the others.

4. Yard Sales

If you’re in need of furniture, clothing, and various household items, yard sales can offer a great deal for much less. In several cases, people have been able to purchase high-priced brand-new goods for a fraction of the cost because someone is moving.

5. Consignment Stores

A consignment store is a place where people take items to be sold and pay a commission to the store owner. Essentially, the consignment store can be viewed as an elaborate yard sale created by many people in order to sell their goods over a longer period of time than just a single weekend. Antiques, toys, clothing and more can be found at these stores and in excellent condition.

6. DIY

Regardless of your needs in the home, there are many people that produce do-it-yourself content that can show you how to complete various tasks yourself. This can save a great deal of money by giving you the power to repair or make something instead of paying for it.

Never be ashamed by asking for help or shopping at “cheap” locations. A large amount of money can be saved by being frugal, and it doesn’t make you any less of a person to pay your bills and live the best way you can. It’s all about survival and doing as much with your money as possible already puts you ahead of many individuals in terms of success.

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